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This was it. The holomessage confirmation to his Dad alerted him on his watch. At least that made it out. He stood on the footwall, faced with the enemy on three sides, and a thundering Niagara behind him. The irony in all of this was that he had always been an extremely good swimmer. He took a last look at the coming dawn, then his adversaries. They closed in to grab him, but in one fluid motion he turned and did a swam dive. The was water pouring over the falls next to him, but he heard nothing except the screeching wind. Then black…

Yea, I know, needs work. But that is the first draft ending to the Prologue of my first ever fiction novel. It will be written under a pen name.
When I showed the entire thing to my 10-year old son, he loved it and keeps asking if I have written any more yet.
He also gave me some pointers. The story starts inside a bar, near Niagara Falls. He suggested I give more description about what the bar is like on the inside.
I told him that was a great suggestion, and asked him how he knew to suggest it.
He told me from all the reading he is exposed to (we have read or told him stories nearly every night of his life). He is a natural.
Exposure many times is the key to the confidence in starting something. Exposure to others’ positive energy, or just by hanging around the people who have done what you want to do.
That is why, if you are a fiction author, or plan to be, it is always helpful to surround yourself with others fiction authors. You will learn from them, AND absorb their energy.
So for me, I plan on spending more time around and following fiction authors this year. Just my luck, I was interviewed for a summit next week specifically for that purpose.
It is called the , hosted by my friend Philip Duncan, and is packed with some of my fiction heroes, as well as fiction marketing experts, fiction book designers, children’s book creators and more. Powerhouse Fiction Summit
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Ray Brehm
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