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When I was little (very little) we had one TV in the house that used rabbit ears (an antenna on top) and did not have a remote.
My Dad used bean bag chair on the ground in front of it, so he could lean forward and change the channel using the knob on the set itself.
Not too big a deal since we were just happy to watch it.
The problems used to arise when there was more than one thing to watch.
That could happen on NFL Football Sundays, or times like right now during March Madness (the NCAA Tournament).
You see, my Dad was by nature, a Channel Changer.
In fact there didn’t even have to be another game on another channel. The moment the game we (the rest of the family) wanted to watch went to a commercial, he was changing the channel.
Usually to some old John Wayne western.
By the time he thought to change it back to the game, we would inevitably hear the announcer say… “That was the greatest play in the history of football…”
We always missed something.
It got so bad that when he changed the channel, my sister and I would look at each other and mouth the words… What the heck???
Those of course were the days before remotes and DVRs.
I am glad we have advanced as far as we have, because I am faced with my own dilemma this week.
There are two summits I want to watch (and that I am speaking in).
Fortunately, both can be watched on demand, with each daily set of videos available for 48 hours for free.
For aspiring writers, there is the Inner Game of Writing Summit. This one features many amazing speakers including Dr. Joe Vitale.
You can check out it, and the other amazing interviews here: https∶//ray.fm/innergame (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtqwzAUQL_GGsXV1QNp0NAOIR7akNKlox5XsYktG9kEkq-vOxXOcKbDyb5gyQrZ6BEQQaIAARYlT0lHo5xOTrtsiToFxCO1jdqd2hzGiadlZoPPwgSJTkvhwErplAugC4EVYGwBZJMf9n3dOvnW4emghScv8yFjrdRuYSZGf71z2AZ_tV-X52Ptz–X79rDT1If-MnSUveQ9j57I1SM2ZARWQmSOYukAa1lzR_dOC035Eu5v2w9hl9hHf9ffwHbz0hU)
The second is for fiction authors called the , hosted by my friend Philip Duncan. Powerhouse Fiction Summit
It is packed with some of my fiction heroes, as well as fiction marketing experts, fiction book designers, children’s book creators and more.
You can attend live free, check out the sessions you like, and even grab lifetime access for a nominal fee. https∶//ray.fm/fiction (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFzj1vwyAUheFfY0YLLh_BA0M7VPHQRq26dITLJUaxjYVRpeTX15kqneFMj97oEqSogGUHHIBLEFxwC7JH1MGoQeOgh2iJOsWpD1R3qjeqi89zj2VhkwtIEUiYMIQU9NOQJx2s9hS9R3tis5ta2_ZOvnTwdqz6e5-W46SMLZeV0VM7-31yn_brcv_dxvPr5Xsd-Q-qd_hgWNbmsY3RGaFCiIaMiEqQjFGg5mAtq-5Qw1yu0Jd0e9j1yH34Lf-X_gFY_0lj) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Even in his later years my Dad never changed, he continued to change channels. Only he had a lot more channel options and a remote. But the technology (DVR) made it so we didn’t miss things! Plus we had multiple TVs in the house.
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