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I call it the bittersweet symphony (in reference to the song by The Verve).
It was December 25, 2016. I was visiting my parents in Cleveland, and pulled out the laptop just to check on the status of my book launch.
My very first solo book was now ranked as a best seller on Amazon!
I took my laptop, and busted in the bathroom, where my wife was showering. I literally shoved the laptop just out of reach of the water stream pouring down and said check this out… It’s a bestseller!
I had made it (or so I thought). I was now going to get that passive income, and be financially independent. I already knew the titles of the next couple of books, they would fit into a series with this first one.
Here comes the bittersweet part of the symphony.
About three weeks later, mid to late January 2017, I went back in to peek at my KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) royalties. The book had been a bestseller for a couple of weeks. I had done everything the writing and publishing course taught me to do. That included ads, promotions, and a launch team.
I looked at the numbers and calculated what the monthly royalties were going to be for January, if they continued the way they were going.
My heart just sank.
The January estimate was coming in at approximately $20 a month.
It was then that I realized something that Nick Nanton so eloquently puts like this… “You make money from having a book, not selling a book.”
So how does one make money from having a book?
By having back end products, services, programs, etc.
I have spent the past two years almost exclusively reaching out to and interviewing successful authors and asking what they are doing on the back end.
And I have implemented many of the things they recommended.
But I have found that one method stands above the rest, and it is consistent what almost every successful author I have talked to has. It is a high ticket program.
This could be something like a mastermind, coaching, done-with-you or done-for-you service.
And before you say, I can’t or don’t want to do that…
please know, that is exactly how I felt for a long time.
Then when I launched my first service, that mindset changed.
High Ticket Programs:
Make your efforts worth your while almost immediately
Attract better clients (who appreciate you more), and may become future partners
Increase your confidence (and that of your clients)
Create an incredibly effective “descension model” in your business (which makes selling easier)
Get you paid well, right away
That is why next week I am personally hosting the High Ticket Author Summit.
I went out an interviewed some of the experts who have impacted me and my programs the most, like Troy Broussard, Ben Settle, Honorée Corder, Rob Kosberg, Alinka Rutkowska, Derek Doepker, Paul Brodie and many more…
They have all had an impact on the way I have created my business, and especially on the focus of high ticket programs.
You can check it out here: https∶//hta22.live/ray (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjj1vwyAUAH-NGRHvgW0YGJKhSdUpaveIj0dAcYKFUaXm19edKt1yy-miTZiiQlYsCkQhUYOBEZCDlyKZEEeVXHAUBiWIe2obtTu1hysLD_XBsjV61oaEVgaSpHmeQ5QOwaPxSgg9ssXm3tdtkIcB33Zyd4h8Kd-0S3M_jP5qZ7dle23lcFrPl8v6cbx-Hs2p1PzFQn12F_p7tBMo7-NEE0QFJGOEMArUmjW7h_xSb8hrur_0c999ubX8n_4C25lIjg)
It starts next week, but best to enroll now so you don’t forget. Leap. Love. Grow.
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