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This morning I completed a “last minute” interview with my friend Rob Kosberg for the High Ticket Author Summit (starts Monday).
After we finished, I reviewed my notes and realized the ideal title was… The Blue Ocean High Ticket Program: Offering What Nobody Else Does and Blowing Your Clients Away
Rob is the founder of Bestseller Publishing, and talking to him is a literal masterclass in how to run a high ticket business.
He has run so many, and has made over 3 million on the backend of just one book alone.
During the conversation, he brought up the topic of finding new Blue Oceans and creating a high ticket program for them.
If you aren’t familiar with Blue Ocean Strategy (from the book of the same name published in 2004 written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne), the basic idea is that most people compete in Red Oceans (they are red because so much competition is literally bloodying up the water).
The idea of finding Blue Oceans, where there are very few competitors, either because the market is new, or your offer stands heads and tails above everyone else.
In fact, the topic was so compelling, that we nearly created a joint venture right then and there (we decided to discuss it off air).
We also discussed how one of the ways to create a Blue Ocean Offer is to join forces with others to create “super high tickets.”
This interview alone is worth the couple of minutes required to register for the summit.
You can check it out here: https∶//hta22.live/ray (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrtqxDAQAL_GKo20ehcqQiDkuOM-IE1Yadexc7Z12CIh9_VxqsA00wxDaYCBDIgpgQSQGiIoCdb1VluFbEKO0ctgY2ck95m3nbcbbwtOc1_qIsYkyQJBzjoM3hcaPFpWHKQiVKhjFHMaW7vvnX7q4OVgbAjQz9MXH7Lhj-C_2ivuY6JnV97Py3r99PUb88nsb9eLKHVtWNqJklMmZ3LsFBnFmkgVKyEEsaUjlOf6AX0dbo-wHrsPvE__p7-ShEh-)
It starts next week, but if you want to find Blue Oceans, you should act fast and register now. Leap. Love. Grow.
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