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My current three favorite sweatshirts (all the Life Is Good brand), are now at their peak.
Officially, they are much older than 4 years old. And truth be told I buy that brand in general because they are already softer when you purchase them (much further along than most other new sweatshirts).
For me there is nothing better than your favorite soft, broken in sweatshirt, on a cool day. Or in the case of Arizona, a day with cool air conditioning.
The same can be said about online business.
It just takes a while to break in.
It was nearly four years ago when I went full-time online (I sold my brick and mortar business). I saw many ups and downs during that time, including some points where I thought I might have to get a job.
And now, it finally feels like my business is broken in and comfortable.
Part of the reason for that is the implementation of high ticket programs.
In fact, had I known better, high ticket is where I would have started.
High Ticket Programs:
Make your efforts worth your while almost immediately
Higher Margins
Attract better clients (who appreciate you more), and may become future partners
Can be customized to the individual, because you can afford to
Increase your confidence (and that of your clients)
Create an incredibly effective “descension model” in your business (which makes selling easier)
Get you paid well, right away
That is why next week I am personally hosting the High Ticket Author Summit.
I went out an interviewed some of the experts who have impacted me and my programs the most, like Troy Broussard, Ben Settle, Honorée Corder, Rob Kosberg, Alinka Rutkowska, Derek Doepker, Paul Brodie and many more…
You can check it out here: https∶//hta22.live/ray (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFzrFuwyAUheGnMVsRXPAFDwxdokZRpSxR0i4VcKF248QpRpGapy-dKp3lLJ9-chkyaWCTAwEglBJSil4IbjAPg5dgAmpBCTstEg-prKmcU7n4aeZxubDRIRiF3g6NCX3MpLIFTyGGIRuypNjsxlpva6eeO9i0jdUD8Hm6p3aK_2HpT3vx6-i-n95e9ydjK368GzpudoeT-WJxuVYf65YcSh0CYUJJWiZFJGMvwFpWXIPCvHwCX_L5Ya8t9-Fv03_pL82aSIs)
It starts next week, but best to enroll now so you don’t forget. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Though some may disagree, being male or female playing a role in your sweatshirt comfort index. While my three sweatshirts are like heaven to wear, my wife wouldn’t be caught dead in them.
In fact, should would prefer I don’t answer the door if I have one on.
Further proof: my son will complain if his socks feel funny, and my daughter chooses her outfits based on how they look in the mirror. He and I are utilitarian in our clothing, and the ladies of the house are fashionista-based. Copyright © 2021 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this
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