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Troy Broussard, or “Mr. Prolific”, is one of my mentors and the amount of ongoing content and offers he creates are staggering.
He builds it all to fit the exact real time wants and needs of his audience.
So, when he says something, even subtly, I pay attention.
I recently participated in his 30 Day book challenge, and the first thing he had us do was decide what type of book we were writing.
Most of us probably don’t spend the time to do that (I know I rarely have in the past).
In my case, I determined my new book, Book Profit Secrets (coming in Q2) is a positional book. The goal is to position me as an expert in my industry.
That little 10 minute exercise changed how I wrote the book, and I have no doubt will change the long term results of the book as well.
One of Troy’s books, Infusionsoft Mastery, positioned him as an Infusionsoft expert. In fact, people would quote him from his book while asking questions to the Infusionsoft team at their conferences. The result?
Troy has made $327k in consulting fees and programs, all as a result of his positioned and well deserved authority from the book.
That is just one of the many “nuggets of genius” Troy shared in his interview with me at my High Ticket Author Summit.
His interview goes live on Monday.
Don’t miss this amazing free “coaching” interview session from Troy, register here: https∶//hta22.live/ray (https://email.e.berserkermail.com/c/eJxFjrluwzAQBb9GLAnu8hBZsIgNBEmRIG1KHktLsGw5FGHY-vowVYDXTPEGk33BkhWy2aNAFFICgNDC8XG0TpikpSpBI-lBCeKR6kb1TPUS5oWn9cImn0cIThkCcP1PwYWStDUColYWdWSLn1q7bYN8GfC1b2oBkS_znTrU8GT0Z3sL2-T3n4-v8fRdPsXheHjIx9NEurO0XltI7T17AyrGbMhAVkAyZ0haoLWs-i6Ky3pCvpbzbq89dw-3-b_0FzZJR9o)
It starts next week, but best to enroll now so you don’t forget. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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