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This week I had a small but important package coming via Fedex.
Astonishingly, seeing that it was being delivered by Fedex gave me a small amount of anxiety. This is common with anything coming from Fedex these days. Why?
Because I am so used to the delivery experience that Amazon provides (for nearly everything else we buy), that I have become spoiled.
When Amazon delivers, you can see where the item is at all times. You can even click the link they send you, and see where the delivery truck is on a map.
Then they even tell you how many stops left until they will arrive.
I could swear Fedex used to give you some better granularity, but now all they do is tell you it will arrive in two days before 8pm.
I know, I am sound really spoiled. But it is what it is.
When someone serves people better, people notice. How does an online superstore perform delivery services better than the most famous delivery provider in the world?
Amazon’s mission has always been about customer experience. Getting items in a timely and trackable manner was made a priority.
Also, their customers are the recipients in most cases, whereas Fedex’s customers are generally the senders.
In the beginning, they started by using all the methods available: Fedex, UPS, and the postal service (for Sunday delivery). And of course, they still use these as needed.
But you may have noticed the most common delivery trucks on the roads these days are Amazon trucks.
Amazon decided that long term, they were going to be the delivery platform of their products to their customers. That way they could innovate and control the end client experience. They could also use their massive economies of scale to manage the delivery expense.
And most importantly, they control the end to end experience and communication with their clients.
This resonated with me when I interviewed Ben Settle for my High Ticket Author Summit (starts Monday).
The first thing Ben discusses in our interview is how authors should stop thinking like authors, and start thinking like publishers.
One of the ways to do that is sell your best products on your own platform, where you control the experience, audience communication and most importantly, you can get more value from your work.
Ironically, this is where you might think of selling your book on your own site versus Amazon.
Ben sells his high end books (priced $200-$1000 each!) only on his own platform (site). He has other low priced, intro books on Amazon.
But for his prized products, he controls the platform, which also allows him to control access to his best clients, and place the proper value on his work (ie. sell them for what they are really worth).
It also helps him curate his audience.
If he put his high priced books on the Amazon Marketplace, it would be like trying to sell Gucci products at Walmart.
An author mindset may have you sell on Amazon. His publisher mindset says to sell on his own platform where he establishes value, and doesn’t compete against bargain basement books.
That is just the beginning of the wisdom he shares in this hour long interview.
By using his own platform, and a process called “world building”, his high priced books nearly sell themselves (I should know, I have at least 6 of them).
You can hear more from Ben about thinking like a publisher here: https∶//hta22.live/ray (https://hta22.live/ray)
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