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One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is called ” The Pitch.”
Jerry and George are pitching the Execs at NBC about a pilot show.
George becomes obsessed with it being ” a show about nothing.”
When they question what that means, he asks one what he did that morning.
When the response is, I woke up and had some coffee…
George responds, “There that’s a show!”
Of course, the real joke was that the show Seinfeld itself was about nothing.
And it worked. I love that aspect of the show.
I take the same approach when I interview for my virtual summits.
Though there is a main theme, I have no script and I like to go where the dialogue takes us.
When I interviewed Honorée Corder for the High Ticket Author Summit (starts Monday), I had no agenda other than asking her about masterminds (since I participate in hers).
And that approach turned into a goldmine.
She shared not only how she runs her very successful mastermind, but the things one should think about when creating one.
Side note: Her Empire Builders Mastermind is so focused on results, that I made the high ticket entry fee back in 45 days of participation.
The interview itself is like a masterclass on masterminds.
That is why I love hosting “interviews about nothing,” because you never know where the conversation will go (and the friendships you will make by having the conversation in the first place).
Be sure to check out the interview with Honorée by registering now. https∶//hta22.live/ray (https://hta22.live/ray)
Starts Monday. Leap. Love. Grow.
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