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I have had many a friend go into hibernation, create a course and then try to sell the course to the sound of crickets.
That can be pretty disheartening.
The stories themselves can put fear into any would be course creator.
Fortunately, there is a better way.
It is called a pilot course.
The way it works is, you create the offer of the course, sell the offer (letting your buyers know you will be teaching AND creating it live).
The pilot allows more access to you personally, and allows you to make sure the course fits the needs of your students (via feedback).
The feedback allows you to adjust the content to balance the needs of your students.
It works so well, in fact, that for the foreseeable future I teach my flagship course live. The most compelling thing about pilot courses?
You get paid to create it.
Your students pay to attend, and you create it after they have committed.
I ran a pilot last year for my Summit Lab Program, and received 13k in advance purchases before it was created.
And now I have a world class course that I know is useful (many of those original students have already run summits).
How about you…could you create an online course from your expertise or book content?
To help you do just that, my friend Chris Kyle and I are hosting a free LIVE online workshop called… COURSE CREATORS LAB
How to Launch Transformative & Lucrative Online Courses
Get Details and Register for Free Here https∶//rayb.us/courselab (https://rayb.us/courselab)
In this free LIVE workshop you’ll learn:
How to create a transformative learning experience so your students rave about your course.
How to develop your Authentic Messaging Blueprint so you’ll enroll lots more of your ideal participants into your course.
The #1 most important marketing strategy for filling up your course.
The simple, headache-free technology solution for promoting AND delivering your online course.
Chris has coached thousands of authors, teachers, speakers, experts and change agents in how to launch engaging, inspiring and lucrative online courses to a global audience. His passion is all about helping you light up the world with your message! Leap. Love. Grow.
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