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Today, we are at the dentist.
My wife is getting some work done, and I am working while here.
The cup of coffee I brought with me ran out, so I walked into the back (office kitchen area) and found the clean, unused pot, and made an entire pot to get me through the 1-2 hours we will be here.
This is the office of my buddy, “Dr. Gino” (his full name befuddles most people) and his entire team is hard at work (and apparently don’t drink much coffee).
Gino does, but I think he buys his at Starbucks on the way in. And it is not to forward, since he and I were the best men at each others weddings.
His team is hard at work, because people come from out of state to see him.
More importantly, I pride myself in being able to figure out to operate nearly every coffee machine on the planet, without assistance. Which is obviously not a major feat, but it serves my purpose of enjoying coffee wherever I am.
I have even created my own filters on the fly at some remote offices and hotels around the world, or torn open filter/coffee packs just to make it in a cup with the grounds.
It is probably an obsession. But I like to know how to do things myself, even if it is usually done for me normally.
That is the goal of the Author MasterKit. It is for Do-It-Yourselfers and people who use Done-For-You services alike.
The Author MasterKit teaches you how to do many of your author tasks by yourself, but the courses are easy to consume, which gives you the knowledge to interact with people who are doing things for you on more equal footing.
There is nothing worse than hiring someone to do something for you, and having no idea what they are doing or if they are doing it right.
This is a bundle of framework masterclasses.
That means you can consume them in less time, while utilizing a similar style of delivery, so that you can start implementing right away.
The Author MasterKit is on sale this week (for early adopters), and contains 9 framework masterclasses specifically made for authors.
The great thing about this bundle is you get lifetime access to all the courses (valued at $2973) for only $77. The courses were hand curated to assist you at each stage of your author journey:
Writing and Publishing
Launching and Marketing
Profiting and Backend Business Building
Regardless of what stage of the process you are, one of those courses probably applies to you right now.
Don’t waste any more time on long, slow to digest courses.
Check out the early bird offer of the Author MasterKit here: https∶//masterkit.io/early (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1zj9rwzAQh-FPY41GOv2xMmgohdJsJYRCu5STdIpFbCvIIpB8-jqha-GWW97fE52IyivDsgMOwAcQwgqjTT8MPILVNgygSAXTKV7x5iuNcx_KzEanUVjJNSRKJmq5CxA9YUQuPElFmk1ubO2ydvKlg7ftZlwb1XNufS7bS1inG6MZ8_SO6-h-7OFY4kd4Hb_35ijr6folFxbK0jC0fXQGvE52l7j1WoM2G1xyFIpV95BN5ST7ks53u2zWO14y1Uf7qf2rfFJdc1mec__k5C9r5VWT) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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