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Back in November of 2020, I took a phone call from a gentleman considering using our Done-For-You Summit Service.
In the end, he really wanted to do it, but the investment was a little bit too much for his budget. He was in the fiction publishing space, had published his first book.
He wanted to start his business, had the skills, but was just starting out on the name recognition side of things.
I really liked him, and sent him some videos for motivation, and we said we would keep in touch.
A year later, he joined the first edition of my Summit Lab program.
Six months after that, he hosted his first summit (on fiction authoring). He shared his data with me, and when I saw the email list he built solely from one summit, I said… “That’s a real business!”
In fact, he quit his day job prior to the summit to focus on this business, with only faith and persistence at his side.
Fast forward to this week and he is crushing it with his second summit.
More importantly, he has made some incredible connections.
“Philip is one of my favorite people I met this year. We met through an interview for his very own summit, the Powerhouse Authoring Summit.”