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One my favorite true stories, comes from the book Catch Me If You Can, by Frank Abagnale.
You may recall the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio (which is not nearly as good as the book).
Frank was a real life conman, chased by an FBI agent for years, nearly died in prison in France, and now works for the “good” guys in securing checks and currency.
The book is all about his life, and his scams. Most are hard to believe he pulled off, or even had the gumption to try.
One of his scams occurred at an airport.
He had noticed that after closing time for airport shops (late night), all the shopkeepers would stop by the Bean State National Bank branch in the airport and drop deposit envelopes into the bank’s nighttime deposit drop-off (basically a slot on the outside of the bank wall).
So, Frank made a quick call to the main bank number, and asked to speak to security. He told them he was a new employee, and his uniform had been ripped by accident. He desperately needed a new one for his shift “that night.”
The bank told him to go to the uniform company downtown, and ask for a specific person there. Which he promptly did, and walked out with a bank security uniform.
He then bought a replica gun from a gun shop for the holster that came with the uniform (to look official and all).
That afternoon, he rented a station wagon and heads off to the airport. He put stickers on each side of the station wagon that said, ” Security – Bean State National Bank.”
At 11:15pm, he was standing “at attention” next to the in-airport terminal bank branch. The deposit vault now had a sign over it that read… “NIGHT DEPOSIT VAULT OUT OF ORDER, PLEASE MAKE DEPOSITS WITH THE SECURITY OFFICER.”
Frank stood next to it, with a big mail bag on a dolly.
Over the course of the next hour, 35 shopkeepers put bags or envelopes into the mail bag without so much as a “hello” to him as he stood their stoically.
When it came time to leave, Frank rolled the dolly toward the exit doors.
The dolly was so weighted down, it got stuck on the weather stripping below the automatic doors.
As he struggled, someone said, “What’s going on, buddy?” As Frank explains… “I twisted my head and nearly soiled my drawers.”
There were two state troopers standing right there looking at him.
So he explained to them that the bank vault was broken, and that he was left alone with the “company” station wagon to get this money downtown. What did they do?
They helped him bring the money all the way to the car AND LOAD IT TOO!
In all, he walked away with $62,800 in cash.
I am not a fan of the bad guys, but I laugh out loud every time I read that story because Abagnale must have had supreme confidence in himself to pull that off.
Especially, when he encountered the two state troopers. So, what do you do if you are a law abiding author, but want to have that kind of confidence (and real financial success)?
One of the best ways to build your confidence is to have something to sell (outside of Amazon) that includes your book and potentially other products.
In fact, having something else is almost a requirement these days to get others just to promote your book. Something that is worthwhile for other potential partners to promote monetarily (not a tiny Amazon affiliate commission).
That is where a Bookfunnel fits in beautifully for authors.
A Bookfunnel is a sales funnel on your website that not only sells your book, but:
Sells other products after the book
Allows customers to consider your book without any other distractions (unlike Amazon)
Creates authority (and partnership opportunities) with other influencers
Gives you your customer data, and contact info to share the next thing
Allows you to build your list (even with people who do not buy), and sell them something else later
And much more…
Here is the thing…
Most authors think this is something they have to wait on until they are “big time.”
The exact opposite is true. You should consider this now, or at least learn the skill and create a plan for your bookfunnel.
We are teaching a pilot course that starts this Wednesday called Bookfunnel University, and are looking for a few great students who want to work this into their authorpreneur plans. There are some great benefits to the pilot, including coaching calls for your particular situation.
If you are interested learning more, and joining the course now (while it is a pilot) at a substantial discount, with some unbelievable bonuses, check it out here: https∶//www.bookfunnel.io/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jrtuxCAURL_GlAguXMwWFFGkPIpEqTZpeQayNqxsR1b268Ou0kYaTTHFmRMNV4oJIVELEgwP0klFigEGwDTvxQBHClbigUcvtAtW-TBIttgft8Q8U99mko1kkfPgwKvgleq0AAklMuSgRgeRTCZv23kdxN0ADz37vlPX2il91xonWlrfSJxtmZ7sms3Hu13Hrzc81vuQ3WgfX17ZSnyrm_XbczAKHCZ9SEw7REDVxQWzXJLFXM2m9iloS6eLrt31Ys8lLlf2zfaPcozLWlq93f2DE79PwVfW)
Either way, don’t let Amazon alone decide the fate of your author career. Creating your own platform to sell more books, at the price your book is worth should be part of your long term plans. Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. We won’t be teaching you how to steal like Frank Abagnale, but you will end up with a product (and web funnel) that you can use to make sales, and have partners promote.
We start next week, join us now! https∶//www.bookfunnel.io/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jrtuxCAURL_GlAguXMwWFFGkPIpEqTZpeQayNqxsR1b268Ou0kYaTTHFmRMNV4oJIVELEgwP0klFigEGwDTvxQBHClbigUcvtAtW-TBIttgft8Q8U99mko1kkfPgwKvgleq0AAklMuSgRgeRTCZv23kdxN0ADz37vlPX2il91xonWlrfSJxtmZ7sms3Hu13Hrzc81vuQ3WgfX17ZSnyrm_XbczAKHCZ9SEw7REDVxQWzXJLFXM2m9iloS6eLrt31Ys8lLlf2zfaPcozLWlq93f2DE79PwVfW) Copyright © 2022 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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