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Sometimes marketing harder is just not the answer.
If you have had any experience marketing your book, especially on Amazon, you know what I am talking about.
The margins are generally so tight, that it can feel like a hamster wheel. And frankly it is.
There are distractions: How often do you stay focused on what you went to Amazon before you start looking at something else. Especially if you are doing something like, just browsing for books.
But take it one step further, and take the time to do the math.
Say the goal is to make $10,000 on your book monthly. Your particular niche dictates that your Kindle book should sell at 99¢. You don’t have much choice, even if your book is much more valuable, because the competition is so high on Amazon.
If you run no ads, after Amazon takes their cut, you have to make 33,334 sales to eclipse 10k in income.
What if you could set up your own site, and sell your book via a Bookfunnel. A Bookfunnel is a sales funnel on your website that not only sells your book, but offers other optional products. It could look something like this:
Your book is free plus shipping (say you charge $9.99 shipping)
You have a bump (upsell) for the book’s Digi Pak (audiobook and eBook) for $27
You also have a course as an upsell for $97
The goal would be to break even just on the book portion (that is called a self-liquidating offer), but on average each sale you make conservatively averages around $19 (some people just buy the book, but some buy the bump and a few buy the course upsell). Your mileage will vary (this is just an example of the math).
In this simple scenario, the revenue per sale is $19, meaning you only have to sell 527 to make 10k (not 33,334).
This is just an example, but every author should do the math on what is really required to reach their goals.
You can’t hope and pray to make 10k a month from a Kindle book, when it is pretty much impossible on Amazon. But you might have a better chance if you think outside of the box.
You can see more of the math I used here, along with other reasons to consider adding your own platform to the equation here: https∶//www.bookfunnel.io/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jsFOxCAURb-mLJv3gEfpgsUYY9SVi4mJS2jBYluY0JrG-XqZiVuTu7q5Ofd4g0qB0Fr1PRsNjtJJxaLhwDloFIggCVuJWllHwOvQo-saCcX-uOKntR3yyiZDgxbBd53lgRBISKFID9ID-BE74dlipn2_bI04Nfyp5jiO1uU8h–U_NLGXDvmVxuXZ7tNpry9Sn3AY_xwK51P6eHrPM5syGm3w_4yGsUdBd0H0I6Ik6riAixKVszNbMmfos1hvupUXa_2En25se-2f5R3X7aY0_3uH5z4BbMPVzQ)
We are hosting a pilot course on bookfunnels starting on Wednesday, called Bookfunnel University. If what you see on the page above is compelling enough, maybe we will see you there. Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. By the way, I am not saying don’t advertise. I still do, but I do it to get optins to my list (via my books). But you always want to on the lookout to increase the income of your book. https∶//www.bookfunnel.io/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jsFOxCAURb-mLJv3gEfpgsUYY9SVi4mJS2jBYluY0JrG-XqZiVuTu7q5Ofd4g0qB0Fr1PRsNjtJJxaLhwDloFIggCVuJWllHwOvQo-saCcX-uOKntR3yyiZDgxbBd53lgRBISKFID9ID-BE74dlipn2_bI04Nfyp5jiO1uU8h–U_NLGXDvmVxuXZ7tNpry9Sn3AY_xwK51P6eHrPM5syGm3w_4yGsUdBd0H0I6Ik6riAixKVszNbMmfos1hvupUXa_2En25se-2f5R3X7aY0_3uH5z4BbMPVzQ) Copyright © 2022 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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