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The other night at dinner, we were all eating and chatting away when my eight year old daughter shouted… “Scram, before I nunchuck you!”
I tried to determine if she was talking to my son (11), or just shouting indiscriminately to no one.
Turns out it was the latter.
She had heard it on some cartoon, and simply repeated the phrase. I believe mostly because of the energy and passion of the way it was said when she heard it.
She then had to explain to her mom what a nunchuck is.
The fact that people are energized by things they see, hear and/or read is something to pay attention to.
When we a phrase resonates with us (whether philosophically or energetically), we are bound to remember it.
That is why it is important you share your wisdom, and energy as many places as possible.
Most authors should considering expanding their message to more platforms.
That is where a Bookfunnel fits in.
A Bookfunnel is a sales funnel on your website that not only sells your book, but:
Sells other products after the book
Allows customers to consider your book without any other distractions (unlike Amazon)
Creates authority (and partnership opportunities) with other influencers
Gives you your customer data, and contact info to share the next thing
Allows you to build your list (even with people who do not buy), and sell them something else later
And much more…
Here is the thing…
Most authors think this is something they have to wait on until they are “big time.”
The exact opposite is true. You should consider this now, or at least learn the skill and create a plan for your bookfunnel.
We are teaching a pilot course that starts this Wednesday called Bookfunnel University, and are looking for a few great students who want to work this into their authorpreneur plans. There are some great benefits to the pilot, including coaching calls for your particular situation.
If you are interested learning more, and joining the course now (while it is a pilot) at a substantial discount, with some unbelievable bonuses, check it out here: https∶//www.bookfunnel.io/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jstqwzAQRb_G2tXoHXmhRSCEdFtCoMuRPKpFbMnIbo3z9VVCt4XhDtzFuQct05oqJhUzpLesl05qEi2nnFPDZE0mdRskUESutQbPvRCNpAV2V3CYWp8nMlgAVFIJbxjiQUsROvCqVx03of5DIKMd1nVeGnFs-Lnetm2ty_kevlPCsY25dgQniOMFlsH66fwz5-NoPq474tuePi8nTnxOK_j1vbeaOxVMF6hxSnGlq7igwCQp9mk25i_R5nB_mFRdHzBHLE_2y_aPcsOyxJxec__gxC8ABVjn)
Either way, don’t let Amazon alone decide the fate of your author career. Creating your own platform to sell more books, at the price your book is worth should be part of your long term plans. Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. We start this week, join us now! https∶//www.bookfunnel.io/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jstqwzAQRb_G2tXoHXmhRSCEdFtCoMuRPKpFbMnIbo3z9VVCt4XhDtzFuQct05oqJhUzpLesl05qEi2nnFPDZE0mdRskUESutQbPvRCNpAV2V3CYWp8nMlgAVFIJbxjiQUsROvCqVx03of5DIKMd1nVeGnFs-Lnetm2ty_kevlPCsY25dgQniOMFlsH66fwz5-NoPq474tuePi8nTnxOK_j1vbeaOxVMF6hxSnGlq7igwCQp9mk25i_R5nB_mFRdHzBHLE_2y_aPcsOyxJxec__gxC8ABVjn) Copyright © 2022 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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