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Got a response to an email I sent yesterday (about the now closed Bookfunnel University).
All it had was a link to a book.
No, ” Hello, my name is…”
No, ” You don’t know me but…”
No ask, no actual understanding if I am even in the target market.
Just a link to a book.
I can confirm this is not how to market your book. Do not send unsolicited links to your book (even if you add a hello, my name is line to it).
That almost never works, and probably has the opposite effect.
Now, if someone subscribes to YOUR email list, then that is totally fair game, and you have already made some kind of connection with them prior.
But when you join someone else’s list, and then attempt to use that for marketing, that is going to be a lot of work for probably zero results.
I get it, when you are starting out, marketing seems like a foreign language.
That is why Derek Doepker and I created the Bestseller Secrets Summit.
It is all about book marketing, and audience building.
And it is free, starting next week. Or for a nominal fee (much less than you would pay for a course) you can keep lifetime access to the expert sessions.
At the Bestseller Secrets Summit, you’ll hear the latest and greatest experts like Nick Stephenson, Rob Kosberg, Alinka Rutkowska, Brian Berni, Paul Brodie, Honorée Corder, Jonathan Green, Joshua Sprague, Karen Ferreira — plus many more!
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn during the summit sessions:
How to use Book Ads to Drive Sales on Autopilot
The Secrets To Hitting The USA Today Bestseller List
Multiple Social Media Strategies to suit your style of engagement
Bulk Book Sales Secrets
How to Use Email Marketing to create a long term author business
Plus much, much more!
Join free here, and if you want an incredible bunch of bonuses grab the premium pass right after you register. https∶//rayb.me/bestseller (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jjFvwyAQhX-N2WpxBwYyMHSJ3CFb1R3wubYCJgJLSfPri6OulW54w73vfWRBKa41CCXZZGGSXiq2WuSI3IBGQBSnnqTgARA0TBMH5TvJi_vxhZbUh5zYYp0zor06BCWRa2OAu6AlgpRIhJ5Fu-z7rXbivcNzu6PfJ2rJU90rxUiFUXJrHF1drNnSWN-SHsP9sX7ixYRzuLOQt92F_WOyCv0wm9PMjR8GHFQTF9yBZMUe5Ji_RZ_n69NszfXpbiuVg_2y_aN8Ualr3l5z_-DEL4TSVxo) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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