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In the 1987 film, Spaceballs (a Mel Brooks parody of Star Wars), Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis in the mock role of Darth Vader) tells Colonel Sandurz (George Wyner) to hurry after Lone Star’s ship.
Lone Star is Bill Pullman’s character who is a combination of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.
Colonel Sandurz says: ” Prepare for light speed.”
Dark Helmet says: ” No no no, Light Speed’s too slow!”
Sandurz: ” Light Speed too slow?”
Dark Helmet: ” We’re gonna have to go right to – Ludicrous Speed!”
Apparently, ludicrous speed is significantly faster than light speed.
Reminds me of my journey to that very first book launch.
Everything felt like slow and stressful, kinda like “Anti-Ludicrous Speed.”
When you have no idea what you are doing, whether or not you are doing it right, you tend to slow way down, and in many cases, simply skip launching altogether.
The fact is it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many people willing to share how to do what you want to learn how to do.
And we have 25 of them on the Bestseller Secrets Summit.
It is all about book marketing, hitting bestseller (Amazon, USA Today, WSJ), audience building and much, much more.
It is free, starting next week.
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn during the summit sessions:
How to use Book Ads to Drive Sales on Autopilot
The Secrets To Hitting The USA Today Bestseller List
Multiple Social Media Strategies to suit your style of engagement
Bulk Book Sales Secrets
How to Use Email Marketing to create a long term author business
Plus much, much more!
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Ray Brehm
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May the Schwarz be with you.
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