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I can recall the very first email I sent to Alinka Rutkowska. I introduced myself to her, and asked her if she wanted to connect and see if we could work together.
Her response was, “I know who you are.” (referring to the bunch of books in my portfolio on Amazon).That was the day we starting working together as JV partners, and became great friends.
She introduced me to Paul Brodie. We became fast friends and partners as well.
I was introduced to Rob Kosberg, we hit it off right away, and have worked on projects ever since.
Nick Stephenson and Derek Doepker were both super cool to me via email, when no one knew who I was.
Brian Berni invited me to my first opportunity to speak on a virtual summit.
Jonathan Green accepted me as a book swap partner before he knew who the heck I was.
I just met Tom Antion last week, a hilarious guy and an OG (original gangster) of the digital marketing world.
Karen Ferreira and I connected when we were both launching our first virtual summits (in fact she encouraged me to do it).
Richard McCartney and I were clients of each other, before we knew who each other personally.
I invited Honorée Corder to speak at a summit a year and a half ago, and after the interview we became fast friends.
Kristina Safarova, Philip Duncan, and Kent Sanders are all new friends and partners within the past year. What does this have to do with anything?
As I spent this morning looking at the list of incredible speakers on the Bestseller Secrets Summit, I feel so grateful and blessed.
These are incredibly nice people who have massive amounts wisdom about books, bestsellers, platforms and all things associated with being authors, experts, speakers, coaches, consultants.
And here I am…
Co-hosting with Derek Doepker and sharing the wisdom of all these experts. (you can find out how you can do that as well, in the session Derek and I have on Day 5) The summit is free and starts tomorrow. Or for a nominal fee (much less than you would pay for a course) you can keep lifetime access to the expert sessions.
At the Bestseller Secrets Summit, you’ll hear the latest and greatest experts like Nick Stephenson, Rob Kosberg, Alinka Rutkowska, Brian Berni, Paul Brodie, Honorée Corder, Jonathan Green, Joshua Sprague, Karen Ferreira — plus many more!
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn during the summit sessions:
How to use Book Ads to Drive Sales on Autopilot
The Secrets To Hitting The USA Today Bestseller List
Multiple Social Media Strategies to suit your style of engagement
Bulk Book Sales Secrets
How to Use Email Marketing to create a long term author business
Plus much, much more!
Join free here, and if you want an incredible bunch of bonuses grab the premium pass right after you register. https∶//rayb.me/bestseller (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1zj1LBDEQgOFfsymXzEw-ixSKHCdcJ2gpSTZxF_fjSCLi_Xp3D1thimnmmTc5UAoAuABkg4NBBKHY5JAjcoMAloirPmA0NmYk0EhkdSd48T-hpHHp47aw0Q3G7JLWQmTrbZSDJ7AJLEdAUjqz2Y2tXWtHDx2e9jnu-yXtW0i11TTPqbC0-Gk–zq6S83fl6cg6-P0Ynl–8L2nlnc1uZjex6cwiCzsZmbICVKtYcT9yBYcYc8bx_Ub_nzZta99eavUyqHfa_9U15TqdO23t_9w9EviwFXKA) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Be sure to register now for the Bestseller Secrets Summit, and get your free goodies: the audio version of Derek Doepker’s Why Authors Fail and my eBook The Snowball Book Launch. https∶//rayb.me/bestseller (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1zj1LBDEQgOFfsymXzEw-ixSKHCdcJ2gpSTZxF_fjSCLi_Xp3D1thimnmmTc5UAoAuABkg4NBBKHY5JAjcoMAloirPmA0NmYk0EhkdSd48T-hpHHp47aw0Q3G7JLWQmTrbZSDJ7AJLEdAUjqz2Y2tXWtHDx2e9jnu-yXtW0i11TTPqbC0-Gk–zq6S83fl6cg6-P0Ynl–8L2nlnc1uZjex6cwiCzsZmbICVKtYcT9yBYcYc8bx_Ub_nzZta99eavUyqHfa_9U15TqdO23t_9w9EviwFXKA)
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