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We have all been through it.
You spend all your blood, sweat and tears writing your future “bestseller”…
…only to find out, there is way more to it.
You need a cover, a professional cover (not one you personally throw together on Canva).
You need an editor.
You need someone to look over what you wrote and make sure “it is good.”
Then you need a good book description.
You need to choose categories and keywords.
Then you need a launch plan. You need to figure out what type of marketing works, and then time it all properly. Which is almost impossible if you haven’t already done it many times. Even then, will people buy it? Will they read it?
That is why many people will start writing, but never finish.
It can be incredibly overwhelming.
That is why authors look at hiring Done-For-You services, to get it all done for them. But those aren’t cheap, even if they handle everyone of those items mentioned above.
And in all of the above cases, you are in it alone (even if you are simply evaluating Done-For-You services).
But what if… You could share the cost of all of those things You could tap into the marketing efforts of authors past and present in a group way You could guarantee the cover is one that has already a tried and tested format You could get a professional editor who is proven and tested, but the costs are paid by a group
You automatically get launched using a plan that works every time, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own (or take a course for it) You get Done-For-You treatment, but the cost is spread across a group of authors You are guaranteed to hit Bestseller on Amazon, and forever be known as a Bestselling Author You and other authors work together in perpetuity to promote a book, that brings attention to you and your writing You can add your first or another book to your author portfolio, for a fraction of the time, effort and cost The topic of the book is researched and in a niche that commands lots of attention and downloads on Amazon
You can do this by what I call crowdsourcing a bestseller.
The whole idea is participating in a professionally run anthology.
You write a chapter and the rest is done for you: Other authors are recruited, each focusing on writing one good chapter The cover is professionally designed The book description is written using proven copywriting Good anthologies use a book series to further enhance the value of all books to authors The book is marketed and launched for you, in a proven fashion You build authority, another (or first) book to your portfolio Bestselling Author Status A way to get your message to more people about your flagship book and/or your services
If you look in my portfolio on Amazon, nearly 1/3 of the books are anthologies.
They can beef up your portfolio and your authority for a fraction of the time, cost and effort.
You can learn more about this concept, and our current anthology here: https∶//co-author.me/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jslqw0AQRL_Gc4vonqXVOszBBEKcDzD4FGZTJLSMGUmB6Osjm1wDdalDvXrJIhE2dQ3SiGgxaq9J9FaClMAKJSAZrnSigMF78gYjQThpKO7Hl9RNVciT6CzUx7KOHrxhdo5JAUUMjlk3ARnEaLt1vS8ndT7JtyMhv7ht7XKppnRUkSbXj-9u6az5NBechtdtu12H28f3TllFEfK8urBeoiXpTctNC-yNkYYOZwUOtSj2ITXmL1Xldth5PjR3d-9TebCfon-UaypLn-fn3T849QtjSFXf) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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