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This past week, we watched The Greatest Showman. This was the first time for my kids, and they loved it!
I recall going to the circus as a child, with a short list of what I wanted to see.
I loved the trapeze, the elephants and the lions.
Those were my main reasons for going.
Inevitably, however, I would leave the circus loving some of the other amazing acts just as much.
The part where they invited all the kids to come down and ride in carriages around the arena as part of the finale comes to mind.
There were amazing horse riders, sword swallowers, tiger tamers and many other acts that I left the event raving about.
Plus, of course, the cotton candy.
Now, had you mentioned these other acts prior to going, in hopes of luring me to the circus (without my favorites included), I would not have been nearly as interested.
I came for certain acts, and left loving some new ones. This was P.T. Barnum’s strategy: provide a wide variety of entertainment to attract all types of people with different interests, and they will fall in love with the other acts once they are there.
The same is true when you are just starting out as an author.
It can be hard to get more eyes on your “act” in the beginning.
But if you can showcase your talent alongside others, you can attract and build your own audience and readership.
It is a way to get more eyes on you and your work.
Rather than waiting years for your name to be in headlines, you can jump start the process.
When you take part in an anthology, you have multiple authors bringing attention to the book, which in turn brings eyes on you, as a co-author.
I call it crowdsourcing an audience.
That is why I host, and also participate in, as many anthologies as possible.
With an anthology, I know there will forever be multiple authors bringing attention to that book, and as a result, more people will be introduced to me and my work.
That is just one of the many reasons I think a well-run anthology is one of the Greatest Shows on Earth for Authors.
Well, that and the cotton candy. Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
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