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In June, I watched something I knew would become a permanent part of my business… a marketing webinar that was totally different to any I’ve attended before… it was genuinely engaging and enjoyable!

The marketing expert presenting the webinar was Tom Poland. You might’ve heard of him as an author – he’s written several bestselling business books.
He has also created a system to recruit high end clients, each month, by performing one webinar.

And if you want to know what I mean when I say his webinar was different, check out this 3-minute video clip (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjk9LxDAUxD9NcyxJXpq0hxwEWVwRPAjirbyXvNhK_yxpWFk_vVE8CXMYGH4zw15Za7pedmBF9CoaMlbMXkut5QBSg-6Nbo0lAuQBAQdGdI2RGW-UeVrbsK9i8tQxkR0cae5qh0yEScWBY-hV0EmKxU-lXI4G7hp9qvrh25Wr-2SaN8w1Oo3jZT_mMu_bODZwLwWvOC8PeEw-w9f2dn1-ueHTx2O-nkte4irCvhUM5Ry9VZ1K6KjXioNzONQjIKMR2dOyv_9__Ae-cj7q2u-CBXAKTGQj0UBIQZJTKYZvZHJb_g)

In his Live Interactive Virtual Event (L.I.V.E.), Tom demonstrates how to generate a high-quality flow of new client inquiries, in less than one hour a month, by marketing with webinars.

Tom’s method works even if you:
Have no email list
Have no idea how to attract audiences
Have no budget for advertising your webinars
Have no idea of how to put together the content for your webinar
So long as you’re a professional offering advice, services, or software, with an average sale price of a thousand dollars or more, you can use the method Tom shows you – and it will work for you. (He says this is the biggest lead generation breakthrough for professionals in his lifetime, and he’s been in marketing for 37 years.)

I then interviewed Tom about this (in June’s Book Profit Summit).

Tom’s presenting it again in a few days (Wednesday in the US), so if you’d like to see it for yourself, save your seat right here:
L.I.V.E. demo of marketing with webinars – save your seat now (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjstKBDEURL-ms2yS3Juks8hCkMERwYUg7pqblx3px5AOI-PX24oroRYFxeFUckJrVANXoFl0IqJHzYqTXEpugUuQA8oetfdAyRKQTUSmQ17p5mualj5sC5scZA7BRAhR6ewBBRrFreKEpLKyyGY3tXbZO7jr5OnID98v6WifyZeV6jGdxvGy7aWVbR3HDu4lSwuV-YH2yVX4Wt-uzy83evp4rNdzq3NcWNjWRqGdo9NCiUzGD1KkYAxZmRTwiKw6P2_v_x__ga-p7oft16ABjACMCY_XEHLg3ogcwzdhtVq1)
Tom has a “no replay” policy, so you do need to attend live. But there are two times you can choose from.
Pay particular attention to where he gets all his leads, and how he recruits them (hint: it isn’t tough and he doesn’t have to do it himself).
This is one of those skillsets that will benefit you long into the future. And the beautiful thing about this is, Tom is using the exact method of delivery he teaches to present his system. So you can not only listen to his content, but watch how he delivers it to you.
Ray Brehm
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