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I noticed a (perhaps disturbing) trend recently in our household.
The kids are anxious to go with their Mom, to shop at Costco. This is especially perplexing because it is over 30 minutes away, and they love to play at home.
As a kid, I never wanted to go shopping with my mom. Way too boring.
So, when I asked why, it instantly became clear. They are attracted to… the free samples.
Costco appears to be one the few grocers in our area, that still takes pride in the number of free sample stands it sets up daily. If I see them at any other market, it is maybe one or two on Saturdays only.
So, when kids become excited to go to Costco, you have to give the store credit for their wisdom. They have created a win-win-win scenario.
The kids win with the free samples.
The vendor products get taste tested and exposed to the customers (the parents enjoy the samples too).
Costco gets most likely attracts more customers, and results in more products purchased. I call it the Costco Law of Attraction. You know who else does this well?
My friends at Infostack (Tom Morkes and Cary Richards).
They are experts at assembling these win-win-win scenarios.
Take for example their Write.Publish.Profit 5.0 stack.
The stack is a batch of courses, books, programs for authors valued at $9,142.28. They sell it for $49. A super deal for authors. The authors who purchase are like the customers at Costco. Getting a great deal on a huge amount of content. They also get to sample all of the different contributors, and see who they like to learn from.
Infostack itself benefits from the high volume of sales (even at the extremely low sales price). Infostack is just like Costco. The contributors are like the Costco vendors. They make money by sending new customers to the store, but arguably benefit more from getting in front of increasingly larger audiences. As a contributor myself, I get new optin emails daily from contributing courses to the stacks Infostack creates.
A true win-win-win solution.
And as I mentioned, if you are an author, and didn’t grab this stack when it first came out in June, you may want to check it out now. There is a flash sale going on for the next five days. https∶//rayb.us/wpp5 (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjrtOxDAQRb8mLiOPZ_wqXNCsoA0LSHTjRzZBeSkOQvv3BESFdIvTHJ1bAhhDWqPzTuQAmSIZMQYllZIeJRhJ2rWyB81IJAnJeqUakjvf416GuU3rLIbA4JNHioqTBWWjiwXZOaU1J1kMiCkMx7HVBh8adTn347ef9aSvbdOizDxOj1yHsHW3t-f7pavv_GK6Ba8fV55FWpeD0_GUgwENPZ8FBSVZy14VjTKT2EOc1tv_a3_ia9nruC6_BYNoASkXkkyY-iSjhT6nbzN2UPU) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. This win-win-win “stack” solution is so good for all involved, it is one of the things I will be teaching at a new workshop in December. More on that later.
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