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Years ago, I watched the movie The Martian starring Matt Damon.
I really enjoyed it, but knowing my experience with books, I wanted to follow up the experience by reading the book.
But first I read a couple of Andy Weir’s other books, Artemis and Hail Mary. Both were excellent (if you liked The Martian, these two are highly recommended, and completely unrelated stories).
I just finished The Martian last week, and no surprise, it was excellent. It covers in depth many things the movie cannot (due to time constraints).
It also takes more time to explain the science behind things (and is more accurate than the movie).
Then last night I watched the movie again. Amazon Prime’s X-Ray feature is great at sharing the differences between the movie and the book.
It is extremely hard for movies to compete with books, if you are really interested in the story. For instance, the hero of the story Mark Watney has to take a trip to find Pathfinder, as a way to communicate with NASA.
In the book this takes a good hour of reading to consume. In the movie? About 4 minutes.
That hour of reading really helps develop Watney’s sense of humor, struggle and character to the reader.
All that said, the movie did a much better job than I recall at keeping to the major events of the book.
But the best thing about The Martian story is this… It would never have been shared with the world if self-publishing didn’t exist. Andy Weir self-published The Martian on Amazon in 2011.

After its runaway success, Crown re-published it in 2014 and the next year it became a blockbuster film directed by Ridley Scott.
I wonder what other stories are out there, fiction or non-fiction, waiting to be told.
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Ray Brehm
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