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About 20 years ago, I took a trip to South America with three other pals.
I knew Lou, one the guys, fairly well before hand, and the other two became good friends as a result of that trip.
Midway through the trip, on a flight over to Buenos Aires, Lou mentioned to me that Jeff and Wayne were very impressed with my Spanish speaking skills.
I had become the de facto translator for the group.
One of the days in Buenos Aires, we took a paid tour around the city on a bus.
The bus was not a typical greyhound inside, but more like a school bus. The seats were firm and low. Two to a seat, with those slide down style windows.
This meant that everyone had a clear view of everyone else. Which was great for tours and seeing the guide.
We were the only English speaking customers on the bus, and the tour guide made us welcome by saying everything first in Spanish and then in English as we rode around town.
He was also extremely proud of his city, which made him great as his job.
Early on, I noticed a pattern emerging in the passionate way he shared things too.
He described nearly every single sight as ” the most important.”
He would say… Do you see this statue? This is the most important statue in all of Buenos Aires. Do you see this building? This is the most important building in all of Argentina.
Halfway through the tour, the bus parked next to the “Central Park” of Buenos Aires. We all got off to purchase some cool drinks and snacks for about 30 minutes.
As we all started loading back onto the bus, I noticed the driver and guide were not back on the bus yet.
Armed with the newfound knowledge that my friends were impressed with my Spanish “skills”, I left my seat and went back up to the front.
I picked up the microphone, and it was “hot” (still on). “Buenos Tardes.” I said.
The Spanish speaking crowd chuckled.
Perfect. I thought to myself. A captive audience, and just saying hello made them laugh
They were probably all thinking What is this gringo doing?
I looked outside, no sight of our guide or the driver yet.
I returned to my new audience. Let’s go for it.
I held the microphone up to my lips and said (in Spanish)… “Mira este árbol. Este arbol es el arbol mas importante de toda Argentina.” Look at this tree. This tree is the most important tree in all of Argentina.)
The entire bus broke out in a roar of laughter. They too, had noticed our guide’s passion and use of “t he most important”.
My friends were stunned I would even attempt the prank. I would learn later that they had unsuccessfully scrambled to get my video camera out of my bag and record my few minutes of fame.
Over the next several minutes, I repeated the joke (in Spanish) using other objects in our line of sight: Look at this car parked next to us. This car, is the most important car in all of Buenos Aires. Look at this grass in the park. This grass, is the most important grass in the entire park.
The tour guide arrived to see me entertaining, and he smiled. But he had not heard the details of my antics.
When the tour resumed, he continued describing nearly everything as ” the most important” and the entire tour bus smiled and chuckled each time. Both in appreciation for his passion, and maybe partly for that gringo that had entertained them for a few minutes.
I even got a few ” goodbyes” and ” good jobs” from the others after the tour.
That captive and willing audience made all the difference to my success that day.
Maybe that is why I love email marketing so much.
When you use email, you control the access to your audience of those who have given their email to you. Unlike social media, where the platforms can shut you off or restrict your reach, when you build an email list, you control who you communicate with.
In the beginning email marketing seems like the most complicated and hardest work an author or entrepreneur can take part in. <– Neither of those are not true by the way.
That is why I love that my friend Derek Doepker is hosting his Email Marketing Challenge again on Monday.
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Learning email marketing may be the most important long term use of your time and money as an author because you are building your own audience.
And as a part of my readership, I really appreciate you reading these emails! Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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