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I believe email is THE biggest key to long-term success as an author.
This is why I’m excited to share Derek Doepker’s email marketing challenge with you.
It starts tomorrow.
So now’s the time to get on board if you’re interested.
To join, go to https∶//rayb.me/email (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjj1PwzAURX9NvBHZz892OnjoAgUBgg7d3_MHDk0acLz03xMqJqSrq7Mc3Zu8shYdWINGRK8iMloxepAASkpQdgPZW5PdoAEgYjY2UIey0pVrKnMfllkUT4GZwBDLhCrvnEuZo7ZmyKwdYRSTL619rZ3ed3C_5dfv57RRmmmcxK0PtBbfXs_f_HJ3LHF4eD491evn-9tRhOXSKLTH6K0yKpPjAVQKztEOktEyoqiep-Xj_7c_8ZTqOi6X24LV2imNMaEk1CEHyU7lGH4Alt5Sqg)
Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover in the challenge…
How to come up with hot topics for both fiction and non-fiction genres when you don’t want to tell your own personal stories.
A mental shift to effortlessly write to thousands of people without fear of boring them into unsubscribing.
3 simple strategies that DOUBLED the book sales an email campaign generated. (If you’re missing even one of these, it could cut your sales in half)
The Hollywood Movie Pitch Formula that captivates readers and makes them hungry to buy your book.
The ‘Short N’ Sweet Email’ that eliminates the stress of “What do I write?” and “What if I don’t have anything brilliant to say?” Use this when you need an easy way to write an email fast.
How to use pictures to spice up your emails… even if you don’t want anyone to see your face or personal details. (Works even when using a pen name)
Seinfeld creator Larry David’s strategy to get you out of your head and make email writing fun.
A simple tweak to keep your emails from going to the spam or promotions folders. (Almost no one is doing this)
How to transform even the most boring life events into interesting stories that bond you with your audience.
The ‘Reader’s Digest Trick’ that gets your readers excited to open every email you write. (That has nothing to do with writing short articles)
How to make your readers laugh and love you for it… even if you’re the world’s most unfunny person.
Join the fun at: https∶//rayb.me/email (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjj1PwzAURX9NvBHZz892OnjoAgUBgg7d3_MHDk0acLz03xMqJqSrq7Mc3Zu8shYdWINGRK8iMloxepAASkpQdgPZW5PdoAEgYjY2UIey0pVrKnMfllkUT4GZwBDLhCrvnEuZo7ZmyKwdYRSTL619rZ3ed3C_5dfv57RRmmmcxK0PtBbfXs_f_HJ3LHF4eD491evn-9tRhOXSKLTH6K0yKpPjAVQKztEOktEyoqiep-Xj_7c_8ZTqOi6X24LV2imNMaEk1CEHyU7lGH4Alt5Sqg) Leap.Love.Grow.
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