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Tired of wondering who will buy your book, course or coaching?
Want a quicker way to connect with more of your perfect clients and readers?
The answer might be: a 90 minute virtual workshop.
Why do I love workshops?
Because they:
Make it easy to fill your courses and programs
Are quick to prepare (2 weeks or less)
Only require 90 minutes of training
Are FUN to host
Build trust and authority with your ideal clients.
My friend Liam Austin has used workshops to generate 6-figure profits in the last 12 months, and taught 100s of his clients to do the same.
So it’s safe to say he knows the exact steps you need to take to create an amazing experience.
7 to be precise… And they’re all outlined in his ‘Ultimate Workshop Checklist’, that you can download for FREE for a limited time. Grab your copy here >> https∶//rayb.me/virtualworkshops (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdzrFqxDAQBNCvsUqjlVaSXai44o6YQCCEpHC3ltYnE_tkZCdH_j5OSBWYYprHDHuwFhvdtM6J6CHigFZMXkmlQEqtNBjT1jJEtlIBADE2ra1QFvoaCqelDnkRyRPENuqAbGQgrQ4UAGNkahQSSCdmn_Z93Sp9qtTlyI-vFz7a51T2D5rvubxvKa-b4IWm-YG25C-9e03947nvnpf55ZzW7ul0FyHfdgp7F70FAyO5oVHAwTlqFRstI4rihzlf_9_8g29ctinffhes1g40RkZJqMMY5OBgjOEbS6VWmg)
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