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This weekend, I opened the front door to find a strange looking orange and black bag.
Inside were some small appropriate aged toys for the kids, with a note that said… You’ve been Booed!
Apparently, it is kinda like a secret Santa, but for Halloween.
We were to paste the included “We got Booed” sign to our front door, and then secretly BOO someone else who hasn’t been yet (they don’t have that sign on their door).
It was a fun surprise for the kids, and appropriate for our neighborhood. Halloween is a serious holiday here, with all kinds of live acts and extravagant decorations at many of the houses.
Our kids are torn between seeing all the other houses, and giving out candy to the trick or treaters who come by our house (they actually like giving out the candy more, which is pretty cool).
They love to see all the different creativity and costumes, and also activate our fog machine when people come up the walk.
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Ray Brehm
P.S. On Sunday, I had some alone time with my daughter, so we got out some tools and crafted her an authentic witches wand from a very straight dry stick (adorned with a dark satin finish), along with wand holder made from a downed tree trunk. She was stoked and “can not wait for Halloween.”
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