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I am spending the last quarter of the year, planning and polishing many aspects of my online platform.
I am also adding many new components, many I have just learned in the last few months. How about you? If you are wondering what you should be doing in regards to website , speaking , email list building, connecting and building your audiences , how to run ads, getting more eyes on your book , creating a lead magnet , starting a coaching program , creating a course , creating differentiating videos , getting on TV and much more… The Platform Building Summit is for you… and it starts tomorrow!
You can still register free here: https∶//rayb.me/platform (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjrtOxDAQRb8mLiPPePwqXNCgsNIWULAlssc2iRRvNo8C-HoWRIV0itsc3VMCGKM9OIVe5ACZEhkxBZSIIMEASI2ux0ROyVQjJSBfuSO5xc-0lbH1vDQxBjaAGL0vqJN1mSXaWoDJSSxECsUcxuO47Z166PDxzo_ft3JftzkeddmaKC1O8xD3MXytK3-sp2FQp_Z2eb6cX86rFrxcj8jHUw4GNNRok0MobG30WLSSmcQW0ry8_8_7E1_Ltk_L9ffBKGVBUS4kIymuLJOFmvkbNKZTKw) Leap.Love.Grow.
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