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The most fundamental principle in economics is supply-and-demand.
If the demand is high and there’s a small supply, the price will be higher.
If the supply gets higher and the demand stays the same, the price will go down.
In a recent conversation with the trainer of elite Transformational Coaches, Lion Goodman, he explained to me the following:
“In the coaching industry, there’s an over-supply of average coaches. Thousands of people have gotten into the game, but most of them have been trained with average technology. They’ve been trained to ask questions that elicit information or wisdom from their client. That’s helpful, but it’s not what most people are looking for. They want true transformation in their life.”
What does he mean by transformation?
It means a profound, complete inner shift:
From feeling, “I’m not worthy,” to feeling bold, empowered and confident
From reacting with destructive patterns with others (such as angry outbursts or withdrawal) to remaining fully present, calm and empathetic.
From resisting doing vital business tasks (procrastinating) to becoming highly productive and scaling your business to 6- or 7-figures.
These are examples of true transformation that lead to permanent life-changing results.
This is what Lion trains people to do.
Most coaches are trained to ask questions and do a few surface-level processes. This keeps their clients trapped in the slow lane for growth.
Worse, some coaches take their clients down one of many wrong paths. For example, there’s the “just do it” school of will-based action-taking, which makes clients feel shame when they can’t “just do it” because of old beliefs, wounds, or traumas.
The unfortunate epidemic in our industry is that average coaches are everywhere, and there aren’t nearly enough World Class coaches to serve the highly motivated people who are looking for a top-notch coach who can create transformational experiences in every session.
You see, for world class coaches – there is massive, almost unlimited demand for their services but very little supply of them available. There might be one outstanding coach for every 100 high-performing people that need a World Class transformational coach.
This means that if you have World-Class skills, you’ll have more than enough people to work with for the rest of your career, and you’ll be paid tens of thousands for working with each client instead of hundreds.
The key to becoming “one of THOSE people” is to 1) learn the skills of creating transformational experience; 2) reach out to high achievers; and 3) know how to market your services at that level; and 4) deliver high-quality coaching that makes a huge difference, allowing high achievers to achieve even more.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, become a master transformational coach and build a 6-figure practice, you’ll want to join Lion for his upcoming FREE masterclass: How to Become a World Class Transformational Coach
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He’ll show you:
How to get to the root of any persisting problem and change it PERMANENTLY
Why most coaching models only scratch the surface of transformation, leaving clients stuck
Why resolving your own blocks first will lead to exponential growth for you and your clients
The type of client you should work with to get paid what you’re worth and build a 6-figure business, and how to market at that level
How to go DEEP rapidly and effectively, making you seem like a superhero
If you are ready to stop playing small, achieve your true potential, accelerate your impact, and make a lot of money, attend this training.
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