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Many webinars give you a few tidbits of information you can use.
A bit of this. A bit of that.
They often don’t provide you with in-depth, how-to strategies you can put to use immediately to move you closer to your goals.
That’s NOT this.
If you’re launching a book, you won’t want to miss the upcoming webinar my friend Matt McWilliams and I are hosting called “How To Sell 10,000 Copies of Your Book…Without Major Media or Paid Advertising”.
Trying to do it all by yourself is like pushing water uphill with your nose. Selling a book takes boots on the street.
And affiliate marketing will put them there! By using an affiliate marketing strategy, you multiply your sales force exponentially.
IF you do it the right way.
Don’t worry if you’re just starting out. We’re going to cover plenty of the basics.
And, if this ISN’T your first “book launch” rodeo, you’re going to learn about the stuff Matt has used for years to put up big numbers. In fact, he is doing it right now for a January book launch and I am using it for my Book Profit Secrets launch in June 2023. It takes a series of steps and strategies for attracting affiliates and this webinar will lay out what they are.
So, register below and get ready to learn how to find motivated affiliates for your book launch. CLICK HERE to register for “How To Sell 10,000 Copies of Your Book…Without Major Media or Paid Advertising”. (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjk1LxDAURX9NsxySvNe8ZpGFIqMDuhhFtyWfNtBMxyY46K-3im6Eu7pwzz3RCKUIxcB7zoIRAR0qlo3kUgrBpdDIgXYaeowkotekQca-Q77aD7fGqez8UthkAJXyekigQYDTftBIqScCnRLHwbHZTK2dawdXndxvKba14i95nrMt9ZuylX_QDvbjeF5qbnk5jWMHN5zFYvN8Z-tk3o_1cjw-yU93eLx-k_cPzzTeMr-cmvXtEIwSvUiW3CA3YyKrN2PgAdlq3Ly8_pf_Hb7EtW5vPw8KgARgiMgtgk-eOxIp-C9lPl0R) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. This is a really fun training, because it will open your eyes to how people create those massive book launches.
Register here: mattmcwilliams.com/raybrehm (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjr1OxDAQhJ8mLk9ee-O1CxdQACdBERC0aP0TEim-QGJxgqfHIGiQppmRZubLHowhBCt7KZKHhAGNmL2SSgFIBQ6lpoPTPWaCHB05rXLfodz4I2x5Koe4FjF5N_bRGrKRORkKxnBCLa3UzQBYEoufan3t9EWnrpoK11rieV6Wmcv-PdLCv02RC8_LDe-Tfx_28zA8qM9wvL98U7d3j_R8LeJ6qhzrMXkDPYxMwapGR8Su0WmZUGw-LOvLf9Df4lPe9nk9_TwYrQk0poySUccxykAwpvgFdxpWiQ) Copyright © 2022 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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