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Tired of low royalties overshadowing the success of publishing your book?
I know I sure was.
My most depressing day as an author was the day I calculated what my long term income would be from the royalties of that first book.
(covering my mouth whispering to you…) Hint: It wasn’t much…
I remember the full range of emotions:
Happy ( from hitting Bestseller)…
Stunned ( Where were the royalties and passive income forever?)
Sad ( Woe is me)
Depressed ( I guess this whole author thing isn’t gonna work for me)
Angry ( I was sold a bill of goods, who can I blame?) But the last and most important emotion was hope (coupled with opportunity).
If I was having this problem, that meant nearly everyone else was too.
And very few people would make the effort to figure out how to solve it for themselves. Meaning if I did, I realized there was far less competition on that next step.
There are 12 million books on Amazon. That is quite a bit of competition.
That next step is creating your Flagship Program. Once I discovered this, and took the time to develop my Flagship Program, it became the basis for everything I do (you can mold that Flagship Program into multiple directions like courses, services, coaching, masterminds, speaking, etc).
I am not talking about buying some software service and simply creating a course.
I am talking about developing a program that no one else can compete with, and one that builds a foundation around your book and niche.
I see a lot of marketing these days that say you are unique, and that is enough.
That is definitely part of it. But your audience is unique too, and there is not a one size fits all template that you can just take and use for your Flagship Program.
There are also some other key factors involved. Things like your passion, skills you like to use (and identifying those you don’t), who your audience is, what their path to success is and so on…
And here is the other thing…
This is absolutely hard to do on your own. Creating a Flagship Program can be done quickly if you have one or more (qualified) people to bounce your ideas off of.
That is why I am hosting a virtual workshop, , Dec 9 – 11. (10am – 4pm EST) Book Profit School
During the workshop we will work together to create your Flagship Offer (plus some extra really cool bonuses).
It is not free, but it is really underpriced.
And from now until Sunday midnight you can take an extra 65% off of that already incredible offer, using the coupon code EARLY. (when you get to the page scroll down to the bottom and type in the coupon code to see your early bird enrollment).
This is not a course, this is an interactive workshop that you will leave with your Flagship Program in your hand.
But only for the few that are willing to take that extra step. (we only have 15 spots remaining)
To see more details and a short video: https∶//www.bookprofitschool.com/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdTrlqxDAU_BqrNHpPpwsVKfaCkFQOSanjKTaxV4tsYvbv4w2pAgMDM8xBDrS2AGC1ZclBkkFqNjrkiLvKd5agWqWFyWjRxmgROmgkr_4eKg1zG8vMBpfRC2W7YI22hqBLKDvSmkyw6DF4NrlhXW9LI54aPO7Ytq0NpXzdasnjusShlOnRtVuMZj9OZ78MbsZ–n5_6U_3w4fqj_X8mumZxXJdfVwvyWlQkP1jBCga4zskJXiSrLowlc__P_-Cb1SXsVx_F7QQBoRMJLmXIubIg4Gc4g8LolYz) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. This workshop isn’t for everyone, but if you think it might be for you and are not quite 100% sure, you can book a time to have a breakthrough chat with me directly about it. I want to make sure the workshop is a fit. https∶//rayb.me/bookprofitchat (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdj01LxDAQhn9NcyyZSZqkhxw8uK4geqroMR8TU2w3SxqE_fdG8SQMvMMLD_MMWVDKAIBRhkULUXqp2GqRI_aW95QwjZMSOqFBE4JBmGGQvLqbr5T3MZSdZatxnmOKISmJFAFdJ4yK4BPN4LRhm82tXY9B3A146vPDjzv1zZfyea0lrS1k1xjtbt3O7sh2x2X7enteHm7379NyqueXRE8slEtzoT1Gq2CC5LTvShS0djPSJHiUrFq_lY__kn_gK9VjLZffC0oIDUJGktxJEVLgXkP_4hslrVVV)
P.P.S. There is also a chat schedule button on the main page: https∶//www.bookprofitschool.com/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdTrlqxDAU_BqrNHpPpwsVKfaCkFQOSanjKTaxV4tsYvbv4w2pAgMDM8xBDrS2AGC1ZclBkkFqNjrkiLvKd5agWqWFyWjRxmgROmgkr_4eKg1zG8vMBpfRC2W7YI22hqBLKDvSmkyw6DF4NrlhXW9LI54aPO7Ytq0NpXzdasnjusShlOnRtVuMZj9OZ78MbsZ–n5_6U_3w4fqj_X8mumZxXJdfVwvyWlQkP1jBCga4zskJXiSrLowlc__P_-Cb1SXsVx_F7QQBoRMJLmXIubIg4Gc4g8LolYz) ***If you are already registered, thank you! I did not take you off this email campaign because what you read over the next few days will only make you more excited about our upcoming workshop session! *** Copyright © 2022 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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