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In the 2009 remake of Land of the Lost, starring Will Ferrell, there is one laugh-out-loud scene I always like to quote.
(Warning: you have to like Dad jokes and goofy guy humor for this movie)
Will Ferrell plays Dr. Rick Marshall.
They are trapped in the land of dinosaurs, and Dr. Marshall shares with his two companions (played by Danny McBride and Anna Friel) his plan for getting out.
He explains that in order for them to travel through this dinosaur invested area, they have to camouflage the smell of their bodies. He proposes they douse themselves in Hadrosaur urine.
A hilarious conversation ensues, where Will Stanton (McBride) forces Dr. Marshall to explain how, in fact, he collected the urine
Then Dr. Marshall begins the procedure.
He dumps some of the large container of urine over his head (while his colleagues cringe).
Then he adds, “Now to ingest some to make sure it gets into the bloodstream.”
as he drinks some of the urine…
…which he the spits right back out and says, “Don’t do that!”
When he offers it to the other two, they look at him like he is crazy.
Suddenly he realizes his eyes, sinuses and skin are burning. He is having strong a reaction to the urine. So what does he do?
He says, Maybe a second splash will reduce some of the effects ,” and he pours another batch over his head.
Which he follows that up with my favorite line of the movie… “Immediately made it worse!”
I recall just rewatching this scene over and over because it was so funny, and also because it reminded me of the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
I am fairly confident every author has gone through the same thing (I know I have), chasing royalties and money on Amazon or other platforms.
I kept pouring urine over myself until I realized my books were only one piece of the puzzle. And they were not the revenue generating piece. You know what is?
Your Flagship Program. That is how you help people (whether via a course, coaching, memberships, masterminds, summits).
Most people (myself included) have trouble defining it.
And defining it is where the magic is…
That is why I am hosting a virtual workshop, , Dec 9 – 11. (10am – 4pm EST) Book Profit School
During the workshop we will work together to create your Flagship Program (plus some extra really cool bonuses).
It is not free, but it is really underpriced.
And from now until Sunday midnight you can take an extra 65% off of that already incredible offer, using the coupon code EARLY. (when you get to the page scroll down to the bottom and type in the coupon code to see your early bird enrollment).
This is not a course, this is an interactive workshop that you will leave with your Flagship Program in your hand.
But only for the few that are willing to take that extra step. (we are capping the workshop at a very small number)
To see more details and a short video: https∶//www.bookprofitschool.com/ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjrtqxDAURL_GKo0eV69CRSAscZEmkE0Zrl5rYXtlZBOTv483pMow3TBzJjmmlGHGWm5JdCyCB0WK45Rz9pChQG1PqQRlhDSZJ49Sd0AbfvuWxqUPdSGjA4WUWfSGC-5zAgDKkeuopWAoKJLZjfu-bp146vjl9HEcva91WlvNZd_CWOv82DojkhYs8wtuo7tM7a18lnV4vT5_fQzvYIueSKj3HcM-RKeYZBn1iWUpaI2WJyloBNKcn-vt_8-_4jW1rdT7L0EJoZmAmIAiiJAD9ZrlGH4ABGRWGA) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Not quite sure? The best course of action is to book a call with me to see if this is a fit for you and your situation. If you book now, regardless of when we have the meeting, I will honor the coupon above for you. So I encourage you to book a call today or this weekend. https∶//rayb.me/bookprofitchat (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxdjrtqxDAURL_GKo3ej0JFICxxsc1CNmW4kq7WwvbKyCKQv89uSJXhFNMcZtAzrS2zznFHkmdJBqlJ8Zxyzp6xVFI3UqqktkLZzDGAMoOkDb5Dw3kbY93I7NEFZ3k20WjQNlsbNKCjUbskUIEkq597349BvAz89ODpjxs-Wqh12VvNpccZOsENyvoGx-xPS7uUz7JP5-vr18f0Ll0xC4n13iH2KXnNFMtgguUMozHgOCpBkyTNh7Xe_p_8E6_YjlLvvwtaCMOETCgpSBFzpMGwnOIPb5VVrQ)
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