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You have probably heard a lot of hype lately about AI.

If you are like me, I ignored it.

An author or a writer using AI? Why that’s publishing blasphemy!

It turns out, you don’t have to think of AI as something that writes for you, and you take credit for it.

It is more like an amazing research assistant. It can shaves hours of time off of your writing, but giving you first drafts of ideas or chapters. But it is all based on your prompts.

I went from completely ignoring it as ridiculous, to seeing how many ways I can use it to speed up my business and writing.

In fact, I asked ChatGPT to:

Write a short 9 verse story, in the form of Green Eggs and Ham, about Authors being resistant to writing with AI

Here is what it spit out 4 seconds later…

*I do not like Writing with AI, it’s not right *

*I do not like it with words, in the day or in the night *

*I do not like it in print or in code, I say *

I do not like Writing with AI, no way!

*I would not like it here or there, *

*I would not like it anywhere *

*I would not like it in my head, *

I would not like it in my bed.

*I do not like it in my books, it’s not the same *

*I do not like it in my prose, it’s just a game *

*I would not like it with a mouse, I would not like it with a house *

I would not like it with a spouse, I would not like it with a spouse.

*I do not like Writing with AI, it’s not fair *

*I do not like it anywhere, it’s not rare *

*I do not like it in the sun, I do not like it on the run *

I do not like Writing with AI, it has to be undone.

*So I say to you with all my heart *

*Writing with AI, we must part *

*For it does not bring us joy, it’s just a ploy *

So let us write with our own voice, a true human choice.

Now, obviously there are some things I would fix, but that would have taken me some hours to come up with, but I had a first draft in 4 seconds.

That is why I got excited to hear that next week, at Paul Brodie’s *Get Published Summit, *there are two interviews about AI (with Qat Wanders and Jan Koch).

Of course, Paul also has a stellar cast for the summit, with names like Tom Antion, Brooke Van Sickle, Alexa Bigwarfe, Joshua Sprague, Derek Doepker, Matt McWilliams and many more!

The summit runs for 5 days from February 20-24.

But you can register now, so you don’t miss a single session.

The best part? It’s totally free!

There’s more I’d love to tell you about this summit, but I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself.


Leap. Love. Grow.

Ray Brehm

P.S. That sample above can be much better, by improving the request itself. In fact it has motivated me to create a quick course about it. But it all starts with hearing more about it which you can do when you register for the summit.