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In April 2015, I was at a tech conference (Infusionsoft’s “Icon” Event). I happened to pass by a booth that seemed out of place among all the software based solutions on display.
The company offered to make me a published, AND bestselling author, while also allowing me to co-author a book with one of my heroes, Jack Canfield.
It seemed too good to be true.
For over two decades I dreamed of becoming an author. I kept a manilla folder in my file cabinet, and every time I had an idea I wrote it down and threw it into that folder. It was kind of like a black hole for my ideas (a file to nowhere).
Fortunately, at the time, I had very recently read a book by Dan Sullivan called The 4Cs Formula.
One of the main ideas he shares in the book is that long before you have the confidence to do anything, you have to first make a commitment (the first “C”). That commitment can be made by declaring it to the world, or as simple as making a financial commitment.
The price tag to join the book with Jack Canfield was a real commitment for me at the time (7k).
But, I also realized something else.
If I made that commitment, there is no way I would waste that money. I would be a bestselling author in 6 months guaranteed.
Could I write my own book for that amount?
Maybe. But I also knew how things would end up going that same way they always did… delayed forever.
I chose to commit, and that completely changed the trajectory of my career. A couple of years later I started The Co-Author Project, to create a more economical entry point for authors to join anthologies, but keeping the key value proposition of… Becoming a Published, Bestselling Author…
without all the other hassles of publishing like…
cover design and selection
book description
publishing account setup
interior formatting
keyword and category selection
ads, ad management
launch coordination
Those other items are overwhelming, and have nothing to do with your writing skill.
But there is also a reason they call it Best Selling Author not Best Writing Author.
Because, unless someone does the marketing properly, the writing won’t matter.
We have now run over 10 Co-Author Projects, all bestsellers, and what we love most is how easy it makes it for our authors.
Our latest project, , is now open for author enrollment. The Author Code https∶//co-author.me (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJx1jrtOxDAQRb8m7ojGM2biLVywQivo0RY0kZ_EUryOHCO0f08EokS67bnnRCN5Yo0nZhTByKCcYpENAhKgPEkNIKcxeXbO-0QJUJOlQUGzd9fiUkZfi1hMCGqKISFqnRQ5rxggPbI8EOuYpVjN0vu2D_Q04OWYrw_2sy-1jSUOdJnnre6553qb54GeQcRi8_pi98W8bQXz_bydaaWr_whSvc-78PXWre-vwfBRxTAFsF6TU0A68okCima-Wu7xN3ZM5Y-5xrYfop_zf2D5DXfbVX4) Leap. Love. Grow.
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