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Nearly 7 years ago, my son was watching me do some work on the computer.
He asked me if I was working on one of my books.
I told him yes.
He said, “I wanna write a book too.”
I immediately agreed, but I just had to think about the logistics.
I knew he was not going to write an entire book (even a kids book) by himself, but I knew what he wanted.
It was the boost of self-esteem he was going to get if he could tell his friends he was a published author.
The next morning in the car, on the way to pre-school, I suggested…
What if we did a project for your whole class? Each student will share a dream they had with the teacher, and we will put it together in an anthology. Then you will have this permanent memory and achievement with all of your friends from the class.
He was totally into it.
So I worked with his teacher for what we needed. She spent a week or so explaining the assignment, getting permission notes signed, and also having them illustrate their dreams as well.
I hired a cover designer, whose job was to make it look like kids had drawn the cover, but still look professionally done.
I had one of my friends create professional certificates for each of our authors, that certified they were published.
Then I ordered our final copies. He and I returned from school one day to find a box in the courtyard. I said, “I think these are your books.”
We walked inside to the kitchen table, cracked open the box and they looked amazing.
I handed him one, and said, “Here is your book, published author.”
His eyes got real big as he stared at the front cover, and then he shouted, YEAH – HAAA !
and pumped his fist into the air.
That made it one of the happiest memories of my life as well.
There is nothing quite like holding a copy of your own book in your hands.
Then we did an awards ceremony at school, each child was awarded a copy of their book, and the certificate of achievement for “published author.”
Ms. Dunham, the teacher also shared how one girl had gone home and told her parents her book was going to be on Amazon, and they told her no it wasn’t. Then later she showed them and proved them wrong.
No matter how young or how old one is, there is always a story to tell.
There is always a book waiting.
Whether you have already written one, or still plan on it, an anthology might be right for you.
It takes the pressure off the entire process, and all you have to do is write one chapter.
We have now run over 10 Co-Author Projects, all bestsellers, and what we love most is how easy it makes it for our authors.
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Ray Brehm
P.S. Two years later, I heard through the gossip vine (my wife), that the teachers were all anxiously waiting to find out who had my daughter for pre-school. They said it was like winning the lottery, because whoever had her in class was a shoe-in for a class book project with me . “I guess you’re gonna have to do it again”, she said.
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