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There is this great quote from Winston Churchill that one of my college coaches kept taped on his door.
“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”
― Sir Winston Churchill

In today’s world, you might often hear to ” prepare for the worst” or ” hope for the best but expect the worst.”
We are taught to prepare for worst case scenarios at every turn in life.
And that is a useful exercise, especially so we are not caught flatfooted when something bad happens. But what about if everything goes right?
We can be caught flatfooted in that case as well, and we might not only miss out on opportunities but also our true calling.
If you don’t prepare for things to go right, you may:
You may miss some golden business opportunities
Miss the opportunity to help others
Leave money on the table
If you are like me, this may happen quite a bit.
I remember being at a Jeff Walker mastermind event early in my career, and saying to someone in his organization… If only Jeff would promote my stuff, I would be all set.
The response I got back shook me up (in a good way). The guy I was chatting with said… What would you give him to promote?
I stumbled over the answer, but the truth was I had no idea.
Which goes right back to the Winston Churchill quote.
The plain fact of the matter is that most people have a fear of success, not a fear of failure. That prevents us from preparing for the best because if we have success, our lack of preparation gives us that excuse not to take the next step.
That is the topic of my impromptu session tomorrow at the 90-Day Business Building Summit. You won’t find it on the schedule, because it was just recorded this week.
But if you register today, you will get the notification email tomorrow morning on where to watch the session. And yes, it is Friday, and the summit has been running all week.
But there is also a surprise encore tomorrow (if you are registered)…
By they way, one of the subjects of my session tomorrow is this new software I have found that is going to make things way easier for authors to…
Host their website, blog and courses all in one place
Is specifically tailored to authors
Allows you to email, easily create optins, a book page, and bookfunnel (for added revenues above and beyond royalties)
Create pages that help you sell books on Amazon and get emails at the same time
Create and sell courses easily and professionally
Host summits and giveaways
Instantly create contributions (with coupon codes) for participation in stacks
Start working with partners
I haven’t shared it publicly yet, and am doing it in tomorrow’s session because it is a perfect example of having a system in place, to be ready when you are called upon for that special moment.
The 90-Day Business Building Summit is a group of experts who share how they would start a new online business in the next 90 days.
It boasts 25+ self-made online business experts.
Register here (and don’t worry there is an encore starting Saturday morning) https∶//rayb.me/90day (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxNj81qwzAQhJ_GOppd_ay0Bx2aQmkp9Jgci2RpscGKi20Iefu6DYXCHAaGb5ipEckHw2iQVYlYbLakpqhBGzDAyPZIe3ZJihgSsAHLwJ2FNd3zWsfWD0tTY2QvQFhBPKF2gSCIZqnaA5NlLGqO475_bZ156vTLoR–b_VwDCXdVW1pml_TNkY6zef5_VIvz_Jx4yz60y9ZDct1T8P-ViJZsBIYDObkPEJ1hqi4oNZ4W6e9Psb10v6Yc123abk-yn9hof-wP159A7WgTW8) Leap.Love.Grow.
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