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Recently, I had some interesting exchanges with KDP Support.
It is safe to say, the last 7-8 years have shown little improvement in the range of service you can expect when reaching out to KDP Support.
When you need help with anything to do with your book, you might get excellent and quick service, or just someone who blindly turns your request into a clusterbuck.
The first example, adding categories to my book.
I had heard rumors of issues with KDP on categories lately, but had not experienced it myself. Note: You can list your Kindle book in up to 10 categories, but you have to contact them and give them the additional categories.
I had also heard Dave Chesson (Kindlepreneur) recommends no more than two listings for any major category. While following that advice, I added two niche categories for each of four separate main categories. Their response? “We only put your book in two of the categories requested, the rest don’t match your book in the self-help category.”
Funny thing, they actually did all match. But the bigger issue was, I hadn’t even uploaded the book yet. Did they read my mind what the book was about? (it is an anthology, so in fact, there are quite a few areas it would fit if indeed I wanted more variety).
I resubmitted the categories to KDP support. The next time they were approved no problem (different rep).
Makes no sense that I would have to deal with that in the first place, makes less sense that it simply depends who is working on your case.
The second example: I had already added the first 10 authors of the book, but I had 25 total. Note: You can add more than 10 authors to books on Kindle by sending them a message (you are maxed at 10 if you add them yourself, inside of KDP). You can’t add more than 10 for paperbacks or hardbacks.
As I have done many times in the past, I sent them a message requesting they add the last 15 authors manually. This can sometimes be a nightmare, because depending on the person handling it, they will invert first and last names among other possible manual errors.
This time it was different.
They sent me a note saying… You have materially altered the book, and we cannot complete your request.
My book was set to draft status, and the first 10 authors were no longer showing up.
I sent back a nice version of WTF?
I said, I haven’t altered anything, the book isn’t even uploaded yet. I am adding the remainder of the contributing authors, and I am only messaging you because I cannot do it inside KDP. Have you ever gone to a store, asked for help, and have a lot more knowledge about the product than the salesperson?
That is how this felt here. I had added authors countless times, I know how it works.
Three reps later, they fixed it. But not without a lot of frustration.
It was like they decided to just make a mockery of customer support on the weekend.
That is why sometimes it is best to let someone else deal with those headaches ( in some cases that is me).
If you just want to write, and avoid all the other annoyances, you may want to join our next anthology. Leave the clusterbucks to us. Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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