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One of the toughest adjustments you have to make when you put yourself out there is dealing with the people in the cheap seats.
I recall the very first bad review I received on my first book. The gist of it was … “…skip this, buy Scrivener…”
What pissed me off the most was it didn’t make any sense.
I wrote a book about how to use a book in your business, and the review suggested to skip it and buy a writing and formatting tool? Huh?
But one of the best bits of advice I ever heard regarding this type of situation came from something Jack Canfield wrote.
To paraphrase, he said, If what someone is saying about you isn’t true, why would you let it bother you? If you were walking through the park and someone started laughing at you and saying you have “green hair”, when you know you don’t, would it bother you? No, you would continue on your way and assume that person is crazy. That is how you should treat any situation when someone says something about you that is not true.
In fact, he goes on to say… What other people think of you is none of your business.
I am always reminded of this advice on St. Patricks Day for some reason. Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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