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Back in 2021, with most of the world living indoors, I started exploring what it would take to create a TV channel on Roku.
Roku is like an open source Apple TV. It has all the major player channels, including HBO, ESPN, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
But there is one channel that is missing, yours…
Turns out, anyone can create a channel (it just takes a little instruction and some videos).
I have two channels there now. Both of them I left in test mode, meaning there are only about 5 videos each. Now all I have to do is add more content (when I have time ha!).
Roku has around 70 million active monthly users worldwide.
And for anyone who likes video, it is at the very least, a pretty cool party trick to have people add your Roku Channel to their device.
But for many, it can be much more than that.
At the time, I created a course called TV Channels for Authors, that was only available to my Youru.tv members. The I made the course ala carte, and it costs $197.
But this week you can get it for 99¢, when you purchase our latest anthology, The Habits Code, on pre-order.
You can see the details here: https∶//www.raybrehm.com/habitscode (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMzM9KxDAQgPGnaW5bJtPJZHPIQdGiiAiCe_CWPxNT2G6lDRTfXtA97P33fWm5tJDac_ZMQOXoYNAxGKtBzMCczVFdyUnWbVouT2GrV1v41lqgo8peZ4rESrxm64gtg1Yyh-n8F7rT–sjwtvH_cF-lq-Xg63bg6o-6QGxuJiIMoN2LmaKOglka1HAqskj4AADIjAx6T6jZWNQSDSYXKgjWMNPXKXOfVpmdfa1te-tG-46HDsc933vb0GHYw1xaltasqjV7-vU5H_Sl_k3AAD__xxYUuU) Leap.Love.Grow.
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