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I had already run some tests and done it.
But I still had to ask myself, could this be real?
If you had asked me in late 2016, I would have argued that it could only ever happen to the most well known people on the planet.
I remember setting up all my ads and promotions for that first launch. Only a few promos did more than one or two sales. If fact, I recall saying, I need more promos like Buckbooks. Because they were the only one that really worked from what I could tell. I secured 100s of promos, free and paid… Most didn’t work at all or sold one book… Which meant hours of time wasted… And even more time wasted trying to track what worked… Amazon Ads were turned on and didn’t show anyone an ad for weeks…
I remember thinking, if I could just email a list of people who wanted this book, or I had an audience to share with, that would be the dream.
Fast forward to today, and I feel like I am in a daze. I set up our book (The Habits Code) on Amazon for success, and then used what I call an “Amazon Funnel” to send people to the book and reward them when they buy.
The results are staggering, and of course, in the spoiler alert subject line of this email, we hit bestseller with one email.
You might ask… How did you set up the book for success on Amazon? How did you structure the “Amazon Funnel”?
But you would be missing the point.
The point is I spent the last few years only focused on one thing, which is what made this book launch a success, regardless of my answer to those two questions above.
That one is thing is I built a platform.
A platform that attracts like minded individuals like you, as clients, partners and friends. Once it got large enough, things like this book launch can happen.
There are a lot of pieces to the platform, but in a nutshell it revolves around building an email list of your ideal peeps, and making sure everything you put effort into enhances that list.
I think it this is the most important thing any author or entrepreneur can do. I even got into the software business just to support my platform (more on that later).
So, this Monday, Paul Brodie and I are going to share how we built our platforms, and continue to do so at a rapid pace.
It is called Platform Building Secrets, and we go live March 22nd, at 2:00 pm EST (eastern) / 1pm CST (central).
This complimentary live webinar will show you how to rapidly build a platform to increase your influence, income, and email list. We do this consistently using virtual events and partnerships. This training is for you if you want to:
Massively Increase Your Email List and Audience Size in One Week Create Quality Relationships with Influencers in Your Niche (even those you are afraid to reach out to)
Reach New People and Build an Audience Connect with Other Influencers in your Niche (even those you are afraid to reach out to) Add Instant Revenue to Your Bottom Line Create Instant Authority with Your Audience
Instantly Create a Large Batch of New Content You Can Use in Many Ways Position your Backend Products (or your book) for Maximum Sales after You Host Your Virtual Event
Bonus: How to Get Coached by Your Heroes for FREE
Paul will also share how his 2023 Get Published Summit made over $14,000 in Premium Pass revenue, added 3500 Email Subscribers, and generated over five figures from the post event webinar.
There will be a replay, but you will need to register to attend or get access to the replay. https∶//rayb.me/pbstraining (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMy8lKxTAUgOGnaZYlJ-PJIgsRrooTgsP6ZKiNNO29aUB8e1HvwvX__XFbO8V-k7xRXE3ouIRA2gLPWhqTNLIzec1tL9t6Tft8tpP5by1XyJKHpIIyLHsw1hmnDAqWK5Xld7w_XdoHegq3fHl8u4KPu9PzS2GzF4AQLWUHFi1aRREBgjQ6p5jCNLHiBReSS6EEaBAwOh1IKyN5Ahck4qB4o6_Q8lzHuFW2-Ln34z7Ii0EcBnH4iWPNgzgcw94blbWs76z5z1Z6_pvHqX4HAAD__wQqUKM) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. The Habits Code hit an ABSR today of #8,628, based solely on my platform. If I can do it, anyone can. It just takes know how and commitment. (here is a link to the Amazon Funnel for it) https∶//co-author.me/habitsfunnel (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMzMlOBCEQgOGnaW52WAooDhyMyahxi4nLuaAhYHpxaCbGtzfROXj__j9ua6fYbydvgENGx5UIpK3gSStjJo3sTN5S2-u23tBezjab_9ZyQDZ5MUEAw5IXxjrjwKBkaaE6_4YPxyv7SM_hjs9P79fi4_748lpZ8YhBgUKQPCbKlJ2VymIKJmoLhIJVL7lUXEmQQgspRqcDaTCKT8IFhTgAb_QdWirLGLeFzb70_rkP6nKQh0Ee4nZBp162Ni5pkIdCofY9n9Y1zaz5r1Z7-luMefkJAAD__8_mUow)
P.P.S. Be sure to register for Platform Building Secrets here: https∶//rayb.me/pbstraining (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMy8lKxTAUgOGnaZYlJ-PJIgsRrooTgsP6ZKiNNO29aUB8e1HvwvX__XFbO8V-k7xRXE3ouIRA2gLPWhqTNLIzec1tL9t6Tft8tpP5by1XyJKHpIIyLHsw1hmnDAqWK5Xld7w_XdoHegq3fHl8u4KPu9PzS2GzF4AQLWUHFi1aRREBgjQ6p5jCNLHiBReSS6EEaBAwOh1IKyN5Ahck4qB4o6_Q8lzHuFW2-Ln34z7Ii0EcBnH4iWPNgzgcw94blbWs76z5z1Z6_pvHqX4HAAD__wQqUKM)
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