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Check out our anthology The Habits Code, it just hit bestseller! We are #1 in Inspirational Personal Testimonies and some others. We hit #5 on the highly competitive Creativity Self-Help list, ahead of Elizabeth Gilbert’s (got a cool screen shot of that one). Big Magic
The book features 25 authors sharing the habits that have made them successful in the ups and downs of life.
Also, I created an Amazon Funnel for selling the book (I have a course coming out on how to do this), where we give away a free course (TV Channels for Authors) if people buy the book now during pre-order.
Feel free to take advantage of it yourself, or share this link if you want to incentivize people to buy the book this week by offering a free course: https∶//www.raybrehm.com/habitscode (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMzL1urDAQQOGnwSWaGf9SuLjN6q6UMqK3x4PMaoEErEXJ00dKttj-O4e3tSVu1xKdATOFATTmZD2CWO1csUE9ySj7MW_r_3TUp53cq_VggioRi8nGKYno_OBoQEQlS5rvv-Htszzeb2MN1q9v34_rimUYVY1lskQ6s_NsElvkgYFTEsiQAgGqORKQBk0GtA4YeqEk3qJkKrpkxs7Anr7yLnXpeVvUPdbWPo5O_-vo0tHlPM_-FXR0qSnP7eCtiNrjuc9N_ib9tPwEAAD__2aSVVU)
The free course you get when you buy the book for 99¢, shows how anyone can create a channel ROKU (it just takes a little instruction and some videos).
I have two channels there now. Both of them I left in test mode, meaning there are only about 5 videos each. Now all I have to do is add more content (when I have time ha!).
TV Channels for Authors was only available to my Youru.tv members previously.
But this week you can get it free, when you purchase The Habits Code, on pre-order for 99¢.
You can see the details here: https∶//www.raybrehm.com/habitscode (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMzL1urDAQQOGnwSWaGf9SuLjN6q6UMqK3x4PMaoEErEXJ00dKttj-O4e3tSVu1xKdATOFATTmZD2CWO1csUE9ySj7MW_r_3TUp53cq_VggioRi8nGKYno_OBoQEQlS5rvv-Htszzeb2MN1q9v34_rimUYVY1lskQ6s_NsElvkgYFTEsiQAgGqORKQBk0GtA4YeqEk3qJkKrpkxs7Anr7yLnXpeVvUPdbWPo5O_-vo0tHlPM_-FXR0qSnP7eCtiNrjuc9N_ib9tPwEAAD__2aSVVU) Leap.Love.Grow.
Ray Brehm
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