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What if selling your coaching programs was fun? What if you were relaxed and at ease?
For me, this was very intimidating in the beginning.
Some coaches tell me they feel like they have to be ‘on’ when they are selling their coaching programs. Being on takes lots of energy and concentration and can feel inauthentic. My friend Susan Epstein has mastered selling from my soul so that you never have to act or be ‘on’.
And, it’s easier than you think…
Introducing her free live masterclass Selling from the Soul: Ditch Desperate, Nervous and Sleazy for Confident, Prepared & Compassionate.
During this masterclass, you will discover…
Susan’s #1 secret strategy that has clients signing themselves up for your coaching programs on the spot without persuading, convincing or being pushy
How to quickly and easily overcome the 7 most common unconscious mistakes coaches make during discovery sessions that keep them from signing up their ideal clients
5 self-prep techniques so that you are confident and relaxed on discovery calls making your prospects immediately feel comfortable and excited to talk with you
And much, much more…
And this masterclass is totally free (live on April 4th).
You can register for her masterclass here. (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMzctq6zAYBOCnkXYxvy7-LS20OIcgeoFAC22SlZFsCRtsy7HUS96-pGTR3Sy-menSUlxXHnuDEmRUGgTzrm4YhFog9rWid_Ietjym5cHl4W4j_rUNSEV7w3rpJdJgGCoQTNSNpGF24_RbDB_yMHTPeR_OelrYcrKn85UORmODISIEDMiUjgzBo0cfIepbpKPhwAVIYMAkgq4c0z702qMArpwORMLmrn4Lw1x1aaaTGUpZMxH_CLeE2zyvU7Ulwq2bCLfpqTkOh6K-Xy72vMwXfrSf8S2thFuJTNW7V3fd_b-tEWHbdk15LGNa2paIPdDNfG1juX9Wcf4JAAD__3CxYlw) Leap. Love. Grow.
P.S. Once you know your purpose, everything gets easier to move forward on.
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