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One of the things we do on our virtual summits is try to make sure attendees are getting the emails. When someone registers, we send them a pretty comprehensive welcome email with all the “need-to-know” info.
Then we send them another email 4 hours later to make sure they got the first one. We also ask, what is your most pressing issue right now? Why?
If that first email went to spam, the attendee may miss a lot of the action. So it helps to know they got it. The second question a few answer, and in some cases we can guide them to the right interview or materials.
It also creates more of a connection between us, beyond the summit. As a bonus, by replying, it helps the email providers know you want the emails for the event and can prevent them from going to spam.
So, when I got a reply yesterday to that second email that said… “Too creepy. Unsubscribe me.”
I though to myself, actually it is the opposite of creepy. We are trying to make sure everything is working, and you will be getting more emails as the summit progresses.
I find it even more curious, since when you attend the summit, you will find it is pretty clear most authors should be building relationships, not repelling them.
The fact is how people reply to things helps us figure out who is a fit for many of our programs. Last week I did a quiet announcement of my new author business software . And the fact is, I heavily screen people before I grant access based on past interactions. Pubfunnels™ (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMzLtOAzEQheGnWZfRjGd8K1xEChFIlECRZmV7vaylvUReRyhvj4AU1Oc7f9rWFlJ7Gbxm4NE6IIxBGYSsSOtBWfEgH7nuZVufwz497Kj_WwNsxeBx4MhaZI_aAivjSIm8hDL_Hi_Hpzt-5ld7ury9z7K_n3JNYvIYIkrrkooxBCJFKhvH5CIkaZMNongJkoBBolES3IGDGRiYEAGCZuwYarjHmqflkLZFzH5q7bp3dOzkuZPn6y2Ot3XN8_4zd3Tu–u2l1a2te87OqGo_quWlv9Ch3H5DgAA___ihFRv)
You might say, the “creepy” police need not apply.
Anyway, on to today’s business… Tomorrow, Book Marketing School starts and it is good. You can find all the data you need to determine if you should attend at the link below.
But the bottom line is, if you are looking for a large batch of ideas for marketing your book, you probably want to check it out. I am even adding my webinar from last week to the summit, called , in case you missed it. The Amazon Funnel
You also get my book just for registering. Bestseller Book Launch
You will also get the option to keep access to all the videos for a nominal fee. That access includes a couple of really good courses as well. https∶//rayb.me/bms23 (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMy8FKxDAQgOGnaY5lMpmkySGHhXVR8Kge9iLJZGoLzVbSgvTtRd2D5__7eb3tifenEh0BjT6A0TnZQYNY41yxXt3Jm7RtXm-PaZvudnT_7QDkVYm6UCanJGrngewQjFVS07z8jtfTw6E_5Nmfry-vC74fZ2msppgNI3EIxYmnTFI4WwicmYmCT0nNEQENEKAeLELoKQ2FgIzWAMmR7ghaOnKTqfa8VrXEad8_t86cOrx0ePmJfZUOL7luaFSLX23e5W_rx_odAAD__2amTiM) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. There are quite a few things going on this week, so you will see a lot of different options of events to attend. But I highly recommend this one https∶//rayb.me/bms23 (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxMy8FKxDAQgOGnaY5lMpmkySGHhXVR8Kge9iLJZGoLzVbSgvTtRd2D5__7eb3tifenEh0BjT6A0TnZQYNY41yxXt3Jm7RtXm-PaZvudnT_7QDkVYm6UCanJGrngewQjFVS07z8jtfTw6E_5Nmfry-vC74fZ2msppgNI3EIxYmnTFI4WwicmYmCT0nNEQENEKAeLELoKQ2FgIzWAMmR7ghaOnKTqfa8VrXEad8_t86cOrx0ePmJfZUOL7luaFSLX23e5W_rx_odAAD__2amTiM) Copyright © 2022 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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