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My very first book launch was a little rocky.
I had no idea what I was doing, but I put all the information I had gathered into place and prayed.
It worked, I hit bestseller. But in many ways, I didn’t no why.
So I got back to it on book two, with an audacious goal…
Write, publish and hit bestseller in 26 days.
I did it (with my most popular book to this day, The Author Startup).
I realized that the bestseller launch was its own silo. It was simply a marketing exercise, and had almost nothing to do with the book. It was a separate skill that could be learned.
It was simply a separate checklist of tasks to be done.
About 10 months later, I tried another experiment.
If the above separation is true, then it does not matter what is in the book, it could be blank, right? Warning: don’t try this at home.
I had created a system I could follow time after time, to hit bestseller (no hacks, just doing the right things to set the book up for success, running the right ads and promos, all at the right times, etc.).
So I decided to write a book about my launch system.
Except, to prove to myself the system worked, I decided to put the book up on pre-order and make it a bestseller on Amazon… BEFORE it was written.
It worked, of course, because the system works for pre-orders or “published and released” books.
I say don’t try this particular type of launch at home, because you have to deliver the book at some point (in those days, Amazon only allowed a book to be on pre-order for 90 days, now it is up to a full year). In my case, I had the material mapped out, I just had to put it in book form and get it uploaded before the release date.
Obviously, the best way to use this system is to write an awesome book, and then launch it (I still prefer to use Pre-Order because you can clean up your Amazon book page before you have to update the book, and you can hit bestseller before it releases).
The system became a business on its own.
In fact, over the years I have charged as much as 5k to help clients launch their books using this exact system.
But I also created a DIY course that shares how to do it, called Amazon Bestseller Formula which I have sold for anywhere from $297 – $497.
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