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Did you know that most of the money spent on marketing by small business owners is WASTED? And my colleague and friend, Estie Starr will tell you it’s not your fault! It’s because NO ONE is teaching the critical information you need in order to market successfully when you’re a small business owner. The tools used by the big companies with their massive budgets don’t work for the little guy. That’s why I’m excited to invite you to the ultimate Marketing Masterclass for small business owners on May 24th (tomorrow), presented by my friend and colleague Estie Starr, who is going to solve the problem for you! <> (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUzM1OAyEUxfGngeUEuHzMLFhodWJjXJgYdTcBLjgkpVSGxLRPb9RuXJ_f-Yd67C70PVot9TQF56MO0imGnoPiwBK9ktfYtlyPD25brzaF_3acKFqO0ktNo-V6lOMogDEai8uH3-N5N73ff267-rb3jy_t-XK5fap0td6bJJRDVJxxb5JhaYSkvUrBGOMnmq1gApgSIITioAcjA0qcDCA3iBqJZM2dfYtrGUIt9GDX3k8bgRsiZiLmn3EokYi5uI8cCMzLcqpb7rkel4XAHaPNfrXc419pSOU7AAD__x_bVw0) Estie has dedicated the past 15 years, and spent over 12,500 hours coaching small business owners toward marketing success. And her speciality is organic marketing strategy, specifically for small business owners and non-profits. So if you’re not a natural marketer, and you want to KNOW your investment in marketing is going to pay off- Estie is your best guide. <> (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUzLFOwzAQxvGnscfIvrOdePAAhYgKMSAhYIsc35VYauKSWELt0yOgC_P3-_6pLDWmuqfgjPM-xZFdMtEqGjVajeogr-SV1y2X5SFu09Ue0n_beUlBkxmNkxy060zXASoleY75-Hs87_z7_ee2K2_78fFlfb5cbp-KnIID7CLHkS2AIm_ZO8_UQrJRe0YncwAFqCwggNXomtYkMuRbJN0SORJGrfE8rjzNTSqzPIap1tMm8EZAL6D_GZuZBfRz_MhJYD8Mp7LlmssyDALvtFzD15or_5Waw_wdAAD__-xUVq8) I look forward to seeing you there, and bring your most difficult marketing questions for Estie to answer for you! Leap. Love. Grow. Ray Brehm P.S. If you are a coach, trainer, service provider or anyone who is marketing a product, this is for you! What I like about this is that Estie wants to help those starting out. Most of the marketing influencers only want to help those already at 6 or 7 figures. This is the training for those just starting out. https∶//rayb.me/magic (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUy89KAzEQgPGn2RyXyUw2fw45aLFYxIMg6jXJZN2FptFsQNqnF7UXz9_vS_XUQ-oH9lpp51KIWScVJuAoaZIEs7iSl9y2tZ7uw7Zc7Zz-W-sEe8kqKi2yl9oqa5EARC5hPf6O5517u_vcdvX1EB-e29PlcvtYxeIhzVbLKMFaQ1aZiDTF4AzzrLNFEKtHQIIJCXGSpEejEit2hlgaZs2DghbOseWljKkWcfRL7x_bQDcD7gfc_8Sx5AH3JbyvSTT_1dae_7ZxLt8BAAD__4gxT_E) Copyright © 2023 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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