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If you’ve ever considered building an online course to leverage your expertise… Then I hope you’re seriously considering Danny Iny’s Hybrid Course University program. It’s literally everything you need – including expert 1:1 coaching support – to launch a profitable course business in less than a year. Two years ago, I used his system to do a pilot launch of my course to the tune of 13k, and then another 20k or so upsells (via services) in the following 6 months. Of course, your mileage will vary but… It is a somewhat no-brainer with Danny’s pay-what-you-can pricing, and his guarantee that you’ll earn at least $6,000 by the time you reach the end of the program. But I just couldn’t resist adding one more thing. 🙂 The nagging question people have when they go through any program like this is… I know that I know my stuff, and I know my course is going to be great… but who is going see it or to buy it? That is why I am including my new masterclass (you will receive access in June) called Course Launch It details all the methods I use to build my audience, especially in anticipation of launching a flagship course, like you will be doing after you go through Hybrid Course University . When you use my link below, Danny’s system will send me your email and I will send you access in June (around the 13th). Go here to get it all: Hybrid Course University AND my Course Launch access in June. https∶//rayb.me/hcu (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUy89KxDAQgPGnaY5lMkkm7SEHQerKoniQvU-SCS1sttJG_PP0ou5lz9_vS-ulcWqPOZClcUwchZJlBzlq47SBoq7kJNu-rJcD7_PVlnRrh1HloLONlpQETYMdLRnwSiov57_x4Sj-qfjD1J7vT8eX71fOn1XNoYAeALJwtugTapPBsyWCzJiTQbUEBDTg0GoyA2JvMMYSiRw78OJdZ2Hjr7jJXPu0VnUOc2tve2fuOpw6nH5jX6XDaU7vagsf29Lkf-pL_QkAAP__vdpO0A) Enrollment closes to new students at midnight on May 25, so be sure to sign up before that deadline! Leap. Love. Grow. Ray P.S. This is the method I used to launch Summit Lab, 2 years ago. I paid more for it at the time but my return was 20X in the next 6 months. Now Danny has reduced the costs, and is offering a $500 down, pay what you can after that plan.
Plus if you purchase, let me know. I am creating a course for Danny’s Audience in June called , which teaches how to build an audience quickly when launching your course. (just forward me your purchase receipt email), and I will set you up to receive access when it is ready (June 13). Course Launch Check out Hybrid Course University here: https∶//rayb.me/hcu (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUy89KxDAQgPGnaY5lMkkm7SEHQerKoniQvU-SCS1sttJG_PP0ou5lz9_vS-ulcWqPOZClcUwchZJlBzlq47SBoq7kJNu-rJcD7_PVlnRrh1HloLONlpQETYMdLRnwSiov57_x4Sj-qfjD1J7vT8eX71fOn1XNoYAeALJwtugTapPBsyWCzJiTQbUEBDTg0GoyA2JvMMYSiRw78OJdZ2Hjr7jJXPu0VnUOc2tve2fuOpw6nH5jX6XDaU7vagsf29Lkf-pL_QkAAP__vdpO0A)
Here is the raw link in case the shortlink above has issues. https∶//mrse.co/hcu?AFFID=491016 (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUzLtqwzAUgOGnkUajy9GRPWgIGDUhtHQo2Y9u2BDFRVbp5ekLbZbs3__H7dYp9lNyCDhNkULGCGREClIbqUXhd3LJbV-325H25W5LfLTjxJOTCQIgz07iCBOgFpbnSuv1L3w6Z_tc7NH3l_lyfv15o_RV-eLIEgYCAMjJ4phkslZkBYVEDEVJvjollBZGgUQ9KjVoFUIJiIaMsNkaBqLRd2h5qUPcKr-6pff3nekDU54pX9ueh7gx5Zf4wbQ_eH-amZ5hkkIib-6zrT3_X4ZSfwMAAP__N2NTFw) Copyright © 2023 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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