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When I took a look at just how much is available to you inside Danny Iny’s Hybrid Course University (AI Edition) I was impressed! Every year he makes it better (and this year it is incredibly affordable). Hybrid Course University actually includes three programs, each of which covers a different phase of the hybrid course creator’s journey. And each of these would be valuable and effective on its own — but when all three are combined, they supercharge each other! Here’s what I mean… It starts with Hybrid Course Launch to get your first course designed and built from the ground up in a matter of weeks, so you can start selling and delivering it to students asap. Then, Hybrid Course Audience ensures you’ll never be short of eager students ready to enroll in your course, because you’ll set up the infrastructure and momentum to attract more people every time you offer it. Finally, Hybrid Course Scale shows you exactly how to amp up your marketing and grow your impact month after month, until your course business and your income are as big as you want them to be. (And all along the way, you’ll use AI chatbots to speed up the research, planning, and drafting processes – so you can get a lot more done in less time.) You also get: A dedicated coach who will support, encourage, and guide you throughout your journey to hybrid course success 1×1 calls with your coach at key milestones to celebrate your progress, prepare for your next steps, and troubleshoot any potential roadblocks Feedback on all your assignments, so you can feel confident about your decisions and know that you’re on the right track Weekly live group Q&A calls with Danny himself, so you can deepen your understanding with his “industry insider” insights A weekly call with a Mirasee expert on that week’s topic, to help you make faster progress towards building and selling your course Weekly office hour calls so you know there’s always a time reserved for you to drop in on our Mirasee coaches, who are ready and waiting to answer your questions and help you work through any obstacles Unlimited email support from your coach, so they’re always there for you even outside of your live calls and office hours — if you get stuck, they’ll get you unstuck and moving forward In short, Hybrid Course University gives you everything you need to get started, keep growing, and create a fully-fledged hybrid course business – in less than a year! Plus it includes a couple of very cool bonuses that give you extra one-on-one coaching and an easy-to-use online learning platform for your course. The best part is, Hybrid Course University has a value of $5,985 — but right now you can get it at a fraction of the cost. With Danny’s “pay what you can” offer, after the initial $500 activation investment, you set the price yourself . No catch. You just decide what you can pay, and you pay that amount each month for 6 months. (The minimum is $10, and there’s no maximum.) I don’t know if Danny will offer that kind of payment structure again, so I hope you’ll check out the program details now, while enrollment is still open. Join the Hybrid Course University now (and pay what you can). https∶//rayb.me/hcu (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUy7FOwzAQgOGniTei8-V8tQcPXSpgQEIghLqdLxcl0CQlCQLeHgFdmP_v13naRLebNjNxSirFWEkCtMU3wTfQuQt5smUd5ula1v5iO_1vY3Jt9i0VYmfZcwzgkVPjbJTh9Ds-xPPxDT7v5GhXj_fTy-v-dnp2fTbWyAJgJRQDoJQsRVIvkWQnO3BDRsAGAgbvgQLWvgQOVAQBNRBjRbDIV1msH2udR3fK_bad16rZV3io8PAT69EqPPT67pb8sQyb_U11N34HAAD__8aJTp8) Enrollment closes to new students at midnight tonight, so be sure to sign up before that deadline! Leap. Love. Grow. Ray P.S. I enrolled in HCU two years ago, and it has been the basis for my course creation philosophy ever since. Specifically what Danny teaches about Piloting your course (getting paid before you create it). That concept alone is worth its weight in gold.
Plus if you purchase, let me know. I am creating a course for Danny’s Audience in June called , which teaches how to build an audience quickly when launching your course. (just forward me your purchase receipt email), and I will set you up to receive access when it is ready (June 13). Course Launch Check out Hybrid Course University here: https∶//rayb.me/hcu (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUy7FOwzAQgOGniTei8-V8tQcPXSpgQEIghLqdLxcl0CQlCQLeHgFdmP_v13naRLebNjNxSirFWEkCtMU3wTfQuQt5smUd5ula1v5iO_1vY3Jt9i0VYmfZcwzgkVPjbJTh9Ds-xPPxDT7v5GhXj_fTy-v-dnp2fTbWyAJgJRQDoJQsRVIvkWQnO3BDRsAGAgbvgQLWvgQOVAQBNRBjRbDIV1msH2udR3fK_bad16rZV3io8PAT69EqPPT67pb8sQyb_U11N34HAAD__8aJTp8)
Here is the raw link in case the shortlink above has issues. https∶//mrse.co/hcu?AFFID=491016 (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUzEFP9CAQgOFfA7evgYEZ2gOHJpvmWw8mRmPM3mCAtLptV1qj_nuj7sX78768Lnvg_Zg8Weo6DjET24AqRW1QG1XklTzmuk3r8j9s49UW_mvbTiavk42WZPaaWlQaqDMyz2E6_4T37eX0qj5uwyn_e7hbnl_6m-VJjt45UGCiCdlhwuxc6wqHUpJjIjBOTv4bKATUWlmERkcktDGAAkZLIKyq4TPWPM4Nr7M8-3HfL5swvYBBwDDXLTe8ChhGfhNm6IfheBDmYDutNMnq3-u0599LU-avAAAA__8CslKD) Copyright © 2023 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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