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Back in the day (which means the 90s), my buddy Gino and I took a trip to Cancun.
One of the things he wanted to do during that trip was scuba dive. I knew certification in the US took lots of hours to complete, but we had an ace up our sleeves.
In Cancun, Mexico, they don’t have to follow US rules, certifications, etc.
The way it worked was you spent about 2 hours of training, first in a classroom and then in the pool, after which you could go diving in the beautiful Caribbean water.
It sounded great, we were both athletic and in good shape. I figured… There shouldn’t be any problems.
But during the second hour, the portion in the pool, I had problems.
I had the tank, mask and flippers on and could move around fine underwater. But I couldn’t breathe.
While submerged, I looked at Gino and the others in our class. They were all cruising around just fine. But something was wrong for me. When I took a breathe in, air came, but not enough.
I had to keep surfacing and take the regulator out of my mouth to catch my breath.
After a couple of these incidents, I paused for a moment above water and just watched what everyone else was doing.
It made no sense that everyone else could do this, but I couldn’t.
My equipment was working fine. There was something I was doing wrong.
I have asthma, and also maybe some slight claustrophobia, so maybe that was it?
I decided the first thing I had to do is just remain calm, go under and just try to get one breath right.
I put the regulator back in, and let myself sink straight down so I was sitting on the bottom of the pool (a mere one foot underwater).
I looked around, and noticed something. There were lots of bubbles coming out from the sides of everyone’s masks. Wait what? I don’t recall bubbles coming out of mine, at least not so many. O-M-G! The reason I couldn’t get a full breath was I wasn’t exhaling!
I would breath in, pause and then try to breath in again. I couldn’t get more air because my lungs were full.
So I focused on completely exhaling before taking my next breath.
It worked. Within 5 minutes I was cruising around that pool like a pro (in my own mind). I solved my issue by taking a moment to stop and see what everyone else was doing.
The same can be said for why some authors are moving forward and some are standing still.
If you stop and take a look at what is holding most authors back, you will see it pretty clearly. It is what they spend their time and money on.
If you are focused on…
building your website
connecting your email autoresponder
figuring out how to connect your course platform with your website
or anything other than connecting with partners and your audience
…then you are probably spending time and money on the wrong things.
This week I did a training for Paul Brodie’s audience called ” “, where I shared the incredible benefits of having your own marketplace, your very own author hub, working tirelessly for you 24 hours a day. How To Save A Fortune And Grow Your Author Business With Pubfunnels (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUzL1OwzAUxfGnscfIvvfabgYPIBQoQkyoHSN_KhZNHCUGBE-PgC7M53f-oS7NhXaMVpPu–B80oGcEtFLVBJF5ldyStte6vLg9ulqc_hvDz2PVkbypHmyUh-UJEAjeZpdufweb8_Pxy99enup908yyP51eTyvfLLZJBMjoOmFMVKZLBwFKSEe0GdFyIsFASgUaEChBXWZtBMhEhivok7ASGzu029pmrtQZ36xU2vrzvCGwcBg-Bm7OTEYdveeGA7juNa9tFKXcWR4J_hmP7bS0l-oy_N3AAAA__8AkFVQ)
It was so well received, I wanted to share it with you.
Building your author brand can be overwhelming with all the different products and services that you need ranging from a CRM like MailChimp, a scheduling program like Calendly, affiliate management with ThriveCart, a website builder like WordPress or Kajabi, course management system like Teachable or Thinkific, lead magnet / optin system like Leadpages, webinar management and virtual summits with Kartra, AI programs like Chat GPT. What if you could have a program that takes care of all these things for a fraction of the price?
Here are some key topics we covered during the webinar:
How you can create BOTH Funnels and Sites, and use them together to increase the visibility of your book, build your email list, sell products and services and get rid of all those other things like Clickfunnels, Kartra, Squarespace, Wix and WordPress Integrating your schedule with your site and email CRM, so people can make appointments with you, save you time and get rid of Calendly, ScheduleOnce or Acuity Scheduling
Create unlimited courses using our next generation Guided Course Creation, so you can make money and remove expensive products like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific and Membervault forever Utilize a Built In Blog, so your blog has a clean look and feel that matches your main site (because it is part of it) and you don’t have to futz around with WordPress to post (and do the impossible task of trying to make wordpress look good or match your site)
Use integrated forms and surveys to build your email list and serve the needs of your audience, while simultaneously reducing costs by dumping Leadpages, Survey Monkey, Jotform or Typeform.
Easily create automated follow up routines, that integrate with your funnels, products, freebies so you can nurture new leads and buyers and stop paying for Keap, Hubspot and Salesforce. Manage your entire email system built in with all of the above so you no longer need to pay for and manage Mailchimp, Mailerlite, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Zoho. Create your own Bundles, Book Swaps and Summits right inside Pubfunnels. How to rein in spaghetti sites, and simplify your online presence
And much, much more…
Whether you are a published author, an aspiring writer, or someone looking to build a business around your book, this training is perfect for you. Pubfunnels will open your eyes to new possibilities and empower you to take control of your book sales like never before.
I have made the training available On Demand for just a few days. https∶//rayb.me/save (https://email.raybrehm.com/c/eJxUyzFP8zAQgOFfE4-RfT5f7cHD9w2BIsSE2vlsn5WIJqkSA4Jfj4AuzO_z5nVpnNuxREIKIXMSyshOl2SsM1ZXdSMn2fZpXe55H2-25r_WB1WiKZiQlERD3hkEezBKZp4uP-P_89Pxk06vz-vdo8kmvCwP56saY5ZSxSefq_eWPdfgrKAmtIHBoFFTBA1WOyCwmjT2FYl1LgiH5AoJdKg3_kibjHOf11ld4tjade_svw6GDobv2M_SwbDzm6gtvm9Tk9-rr_NXAAAA__82Ek-N) Leap. Love. Grow.
Ray Brehm
P.S. Later that day, we had an amazing time in the crystal clear water, about 20 feet below the surface. We even have underwater video of Gino and I doing The Macarena underwater. That was something that would have seemed impossible just a few hours earlier, had I not stopped and looked around at how others were having success. Copyright © 2023 Ray Brehm. All Rights Reserved. No part of this email may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Ray Brehm or Dauntless LLC.

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