Are you the Bob Evans (or Cracker Barrel) of your niche?

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Hi Blog,

When I was little, we used to travel and camp fairly frequently.

We started out with this orange pop-top van.

We called it the Orange Buffalo.

Many of our trips were 24 hour drives from Cleveland, Ohio to Tampa, Florida.

One thing that happened without fail is my dad would always be on the lookout to stay the night near a Bob Evans restaurant.

He loved breakfast, and he knew he could get exactly what he wanted there.

Between Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel, I learned to love breakfast…

* eggs over easy * hash browns * bacon “extra crisp” (that was my mom’s thing) * and grits…

There is always comfort in knowing what to expect when you enter a restaurant.

The same is true for books.

When I read a book I like, I want to read more from that author if it is available.

So I immediately look at their other books if they have any.

If they don’t, I will move on…

…and probably not check back later.

There are a tremendous amount of distractions available to our potential readers.

So, if we don’t have the next thing ready for them, we may lose them for good.

The next thing could be another book, or a course, or simply a way for them to opt into our list.

That is why I think our anthology books do so well, especially in pre-order, even before they are written.

People read book one in a series, and want more of it.

So, if a second book is available for purchase, even if it is not deliverable, people will order it as a placeholder or reminder.

When it gets delivered, it brings us back to the front of their minds once again.

That is why I love using the combination of pre-order and series.

Not sure what else to write about for your series?

Here is a tip I learned from a Ryan Deiss course.

Instead of writing one book, on say Social Media for Entrepreneurs, write four books.

_Facebook for Entrepreneurs,_

_Instagram for Entrepreneurs,_

_YouTube for Entrepreneurs_ and

_Twitter for Entrepreneurs._

Dividing one book up into a series also makes it easier for your reader to find the exact content he or she is looking for.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. We still have a few spots on The Entrepreneur Code, and it is guaranteed to be a bestseller on Amazon. That series is the perfect example of this Bob Evans effect. We sell copies just by putting the new books up on pre-order.

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How to sell 287 books without a book description or ads

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Hi Blog,

These are the kind of statistics I love to see.

All organic, no trying to “game the Amazon Algorithm.”

Our current anthology, _THE WEALTH CODE_, exceeds all expectations…

and we just barely started.

It is released this coming Tuesday, but has been for sale on Amazon pre-order for a while.

Keep in mind, most published books (Amazon has over 6 million) fail to sell more than 200 copies in their lifetime.

But _The Wealth Code_ had sold over 287 before I even added a proper description.

It had a one-sentence description of learning the secrets of prosperity, and we ran zero ads (until yesterday).

But it was selling nonetheless.


There are many reasons, but here are a few:

* It is the third book in a series of similar books. * Being part of a series gives it some of the best marketing space on Amazon (at no cost). * The series is all anthologies, and anytime one author mentions his or her book, the entire series gets exposure.

I remember scrambling to make sales when I was first starting out, and wanting instant results.

And that can happen with the right marketing, but nothing beats hitting the pre-order publish button and making sales just because it is available out there.

That is part of a long-term organic process as an author.

Yesterday, I finally turned on three Bookbub Ads (only three) for _The Wealth Code_, and we hit Bestseller almost instantly because we already had natural organic momentum.

In fact, we have barely begun our standard launch marketing (that starts next week).

Even better, the fourth book in the series, _THE ENTREPRENEUR CODE_, has already sold 144 copies (and our authors haven’t even turned their chapters in yet).

Like _The Wealth Code_, it is on pre-order (to be released October 26th), with a three-sentence description, and no ads.

This is the beauty of building an organic author platform, and not chasing the algorithm (like many gurus will tell you to do).

Using a series really helps, and having more books to your name really helps.

That takes time, but is so worth it.

So, hang in there, the long haul is when it gets really fun.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. We still have a few spots on The Entrepreneur Code, and it is guaranteed to be a bestseller on Amazon. If that is of interest, read more about the contribution and enrollment here: []

P.P.S. Here is a link to _The Wealth Code_. If you want to see what using a series looks like, then click on _The Entrepreneur Code_ from the series to see how skimpy the page is right now, yet still making sales… []

Is offering cookies a good strategy during a book launch?

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Hi Blog,

My friend Matt McWilliams, aka _The Affiliate Guy,_ is well known in the affiliate world.

He recently managed the launch of Stu McLaren’s Tribe Membership course.

But here is a dirty little secret about Matt.


What he does is basically the opposite of what a lot of gurus will tell you.

He focuses on people, not ads.

Working with authors and public figures that are within your niche and already familiar with affiliate marketing can translate into huge success, even if it’s your first time launching.

It is a matter of structuring your launch to benefit your affiliates, like back-end offers or helping them add email addresses to their lists.

In fact, offering a lifetime cookie (not the chocolate chip kind) for referrals is very attractive to potential partners.

This is all in today’s episode of Book Profit Secrets with Matt McWilliams.


[20286678_162343623252GPodcast_Cover_for_Email.png] []​

If you do listen, and like it, please consider leaving a review. 🙂

_Leap. Love. Grow._


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Stormy Seas Shape Strong Sailors

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Hi Blog,

Last weekend was my birthday.

I am officially old enough to vote…

… ok, I have been for a while.

But I had an amazing birthday while out camping with the family.

One of my favorite presents (from my wife and the kids) was a super comfortable _Life is Good_ T-shirt with the slogan…

_Stormy Seas Shape Strong Sailors_

I grew up racing sailboats in Cleveland, so this T-shirt meant a lot in that regard.

It also reminds me of what the author’s journey is like.

At first, the idea of writing a book seems hard, maybe out of reach.

Then you realize how easy it is to publish using Amazon.

So you do it.

But the marketing is another “stormy sea” adventure.

Once you figure that out, you then have to deal with trolls (bad reviews) and most likely low royalties.

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

Yet, all along, you are learning and becoming more competent.

Life is like this.

The ones who succeed aren’t always the best or most qualified.

The successful are the ones who choose to face stormy seas.

Those stormy sea moments are painful and seem unconquerable at times.

But they make you stronger and more experienced at what you do.

It wasn’t too long ago I was really struggling to make a go of the whole author / online entrepreneur path.

I hit a financial and emotional rough patch (a huge storm).

I was ready to give up, but I decided to push forward just a bit more.

That last push made me a stronger sailor.

In fact, it became my origin story.

And because of it, I am far more confident than I would have been had I not experienced it.

So, the next time you are feeling frustrated, alone, overwhelmed and wondering if you are doing the right thing, just say to yourself:

_Stormy Seas Shape Strong Sailors_

Then say it five times fast.

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. This month’s framework is 7 BOOK WRITING HACKS FOR ENTREPRENEURS, a framework for creating a book from other content you already have.

It will go back into the vault in a couple of days. Next month’s course is all about anthologies (so when you join at the end of the month, you get both courses within a week of each other). []

The Power of Flexible Goals

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Hi Blog,

An early mentor of mine, Jack Dicks, of Celebrity Branding, once wrote a very eye-opening article on flexible goal setting.

This resonated with me, because I spent a lot of time making sure I had set the perfect goals, instead of just executing and moving forward.

The truth is, your original goals will rarely ever look the same in the end.

For me, I thought I would be creating a business around ghostwriting.

But I found (only by doing), that I was much better suited to helping people with book launches and back-end businesses.

I would never have discovered that, had I not started my business in ghostwriting.

My friend Sierra Melcher and I met a year and a half ago when she joined one of my anthology books.

At the same time, she was working on launching her own bestselling book (using my books as a guide). She is a true do-it-yourselfer.

During that time, she also changed the details of her goals.

At the time, she coached women on achieving their dreams.

But after she became an expert at publishing her own books, the demand for her help with writing and publishing grew quickly.

Her overall goal did not change: empowering women.

But the details of her goals were flexible.

And she pivoted to the publishing business.

SIERRA MELCHER’S STORY INCUBATOR is the result of her flexibility and the needs of her audience.

Her mission is to help women get their stories out to the world.

You can find out more here, and book a call with her to see if it is a fit for you. The next Story Incubator (for women) starts this month. []

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Want to learn more about Sierra before jumping on a call, listen to the latest episode of Book Profit Secrets with Sierra Melcher. []

Then check out the Story Incubator here: []

The Lesson of the Rainbow Trout

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Hi Blog,

Yesterday, while on our camping trip, we decided to take the kids fishing.

I am the only one with any fishing experience, which isn’t saying much.

As a kid, when other kids got trophies for “biggest catch” and “fastest catch”, my first trophy was called…


After my first fishing trip, I was asked if I caught anything.

I told them I was pretty sure I felt a nibble and then the fish left.

Hence, the trophy.

In fact, I am fairly certain I went on about 50 fishing trips before I ever caught anything.

So now you know what we were up against.

But I never mentioned the 50 trips to the kids, because there was no sense in discouraging them.

To make matters worse, we got to this fishing reservoir just before they were closing and we could only rent poles for 20 minutes.

I told them that I just wanted the kids to have the experience, and that 20 minutes was better than nothing.

Low and behold, my son Ray (9) caught a 10 inch Rainbow Trout on his 7th cast, 2 minutes before we had to turn in the fishing rods.

We were stunned and proud. He was very proud.

More importantly, it just goes to show you that you never know what will happen if you just give it a try.

The odds make no difference if you don’t take the chance.

That is why I am sharing SIERRA MELCHER’S STORY INCUBATOR with you this week. You never know what will happen after you try to get your book done.

Her mission is to help women get their stories out to the world.

You can find out more here, and book a call with her to see if it is a fit for you. The next Story Incubator (for women) starts this month. []

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Once we caught the fish, we were in a panic about what to do next. That is where an expert with advice is very helpful.

The same goes for your book. Get some expert help at the points you need and keep moving forward. []

Tapping your “Zone of Genius”

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Hi Blog,

When I was writing my first book, Author Your Success, everything was foreign and uncomfortable.

It is now the proverbial author’s first book that makes you cringe at the thought of it (every author I talk to has one of these).

Worst of all, after my first read-through, it didn’t sound like me.

Turns out that is pretty common too.

The goal then is, of course, to find your authentic voice.

My friend Sierra Melcher, after becoming a mother, really wanted to be an incredible role model and live more authentically.

Panicking, she became a content-consuming junkie, buying courses and trying to figure out the secret to being the best version of herself. Stressed out to the max? Yes. Full of doubt? Absolutely.

She started writing daily in her journal and from there realized the real way to be more authentic – was to own her story.

That is when she took the leap of faith and invested every penny I had in her first book, _How Change Really Happens. _

That’s when she discovered the true power of her voice and how one can create real transformation for others.

The end result was going from curiosity about her life to full acceptance, ownership and even excitement.

Guess what? You can have this too! Imagine using your gift to create real change in the lives of others and creating a new revenue stream while doing it.

Whether you are a single mom, an established entrepreneur, a gal on her journey through crazy land, or wherever else you fit in, you can create this reality. Telling your story changes EVERYTHING.

That is why she created Story Incubator, to help women get their stories out to the world.

You can find out more here, and book a call with her to see if it is a fit for you. The next Story Incubator (for women) starts this month. []

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Getting that first book written can have a tremendous impact on your confidence (it did for me). So check out Sierra’s program here: []

Defeating the Fear Factor of Writing Your Book

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Hi Blog,

I remember it very well, because it happens every time I write.

That little voice that says,_ _

_”This is no good. Who in their right mind would read this?”_

Or sometimes it shows itself in its most common form, procrastination.

_”I have so many other things to do, and so little time.”_

When we look deep enough, it is always the same culprit:

_Fear and imposter syndrome. _

This doesn’t go away on its own. In fact, it never does.

That is why I am always looking for allies in the publishing space.

In my mind, authorship is not a solo venture.

You will always need support and guidance.

Sometimes you just need a fresh path to writing as well.

That is why I love the unusual method my friend Sierra Melcher uses to write.

Sierra is the founder of Integral Women and Red Thread Publishing.

She empowers women through writing and publishing because she says _”the only thing you can really do with your story is own it.”_

A note from Sierra:

_”I help women do this fiercely so their journey and their knowledge can impact the world. _

_I started reading Ray’s books early on in my own self-publishing journey; last year I co-authored THE SUCCESS CODE with him. Now I offer very complimentary support in the writing & publishing space. _

_You wouldn’t believe how many women have the intuition to tell their story but hold off because of fear. _

_Every time I hear someone struggling to publish, I walk them through the 5 essential elements of a successful creative project. _

_What are the 5 steps? _

* _Prewriting_ * _Writing _ * _Editing_ * _Publishing _ * _Launch/book marketing_

_And what’s happening with a lot of writers is most of them start with the what if’s or the how am I going to’s and forget to just write and let it flow._

_That’s when I created the STORY INCUBATOR._

_In my live Story Incubator workshop, I will be helping women cross the finish line with their books. It starts in a few weeks. _

_You can find out more information here:_

_Can’t Wait? Book a call with me now & we can see if you are a fit for the program. _


The Fallacy of Write Privilege

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Hi Blog,

I will never forget that moment.

It was November 2015, and I was attending a mastermind group of other “like-minded” entrepreneurs.

I took part in my first book just two months prior, _The Soul of Success Volume 2_, with Jack Canfield and around 60 other authors.

It was a bestseller, and I finally found a path that excited me (more on that in a minute).

Back to the mastermind, two months after the book hit bestseller.

During a break, one of the other participants approached me and asked what my business plans were.


The plan (at the time) was to ghostwrite and launch their books for them.

Her response not only shocked me, but became a rallying point in my career path.

She said…

_What are your credentials for doing that?_

She said it in a friendly way, but I knew what she meant.

Turns out, she was a journalism major and, like many who like the gatekeeper system of old, she did not like the non-journalistically educated writing books.

I suppose I was moving in on her territory.

My response was spontaneous and simple…

_“Passion and enthusiasm!”_, I said.

I read many articles back in the day, about what I call Write Privilege.

But I hadn’t experienced it firsthand.

It is this idea that you have to be a journalism major, or an English teacher or one of some other approved class to be allowed to author a book.

I am just happy I had come up with any response at all, especially to someone who was obviously talking down to me. This occurred in a mastermind group where supporting each other is the theme no less!

You and I don’t need anyone else’s permission to write.

Think of all the valuable things you can now learn through books and online courses, because there are no gatekeepers or permission warriors stopping the creators.

The funny thing is, I then asked her if she had authored a book and she said no; she was working on it.

Imagine that. She was judging me on my credentials, and in fact, she had none.

I looked her up a few years later, and she had published that one book with her partner. I had already passed 10 books by then.

Indeed, her Amazon book page told me she did not know how to actually launch and market a book.

That is something you will learn to notice quickly after going through the Amazon Bestseller Formula.

Once you set up a high-quality Amazon book page, the many others that aren’t stand out like a sore thumb.

The AMAZON BESTSELLER FORMULA Masterclass closes tonight. []

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. The last time I checked, fairly recently, Ms. Journalistic Superiority still only had the one book, with an improperly prepared Amazon book page.

It just goes to show you, those that claim to have the _right_ to be authors and judge you may not have all that much expertise.

But you can… []