800 Meters of Belief

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey superstar, welcome to the Bestseller Revolution, episode two. I’m still trying to think of the title, but you’ll have already seen it if you’re listening to this or watching this.

I think it’s “Belief in That I’m Stronger Than Waters” or something. And I’ll start it right off with a story. Senior year of High School, I’m a track guy, and I’m a half-miler, and that was my junior year was kind of my coming out year, I started to become fairly competitive in the conference and so forth, went to the regional track meet in Austintown Fitch, near Akron, in Ohio my junior year.

So senior year comes, and there’s really maybe two rivals in the conference. Kip Jennifer from Solon, and Casey Waters from Kenston. I had run with Kip on a summer team, so we were competitors but we were teammates in this summer league prior to senior year, and, interestingly, we ran enough together that I had started winning, and we both believed that I would win those races. At least, that’s how I see it. He might not say that. Kip, hi, if you’re there.

My other rival was Casey Waters from Kenston, and it was, everybody knew who he was the best and everything. He was in, we were Triple-A, he was Double-A Kenston, so a little bit easier route to get to state. So he had been to the state track meet before. Big name, very good athlete, and fast. We ran the dual meet earlier in the year, and I had been working out all winter, and Rick Cabbot was training me, a former graduate of my high school. And so I thought, you know, I got a chance.

And I followed and followed and followed him, two laps, and in the last 100 meters I started to pass him, and I passed him, and I was ahead, and he just gritted it out. He dug deep down, and he had these long strides, and he just started pulling, pulling, pulling, and I was going hard as I can, and I started, they call it getting the couch on your back, you’re running outta gas. I started running outta gas, and I couldn’t hold him off, and he passed me back on that last straightaway, in that last 100 meters in the dual meet. So in my head I’m like, oh my God. I was thinking, this is my year, I gotta beat this guy.

So the season went on, and I got some better times, and then the conference meet comes. And my coach, Roy Podojil, says, he pulls me aside, and basically he’s like, “quit hugging that guy, quit being best friends with him, “and beat him.” And I kinda wanna use some cuss words here, but I don’t think he said ’em. He wouldn’t. But it was kinda like, you know, quit effing around, and hugging him, and get mad at him and beat him. Well, so the first even of every track meet, at least back then, I think it still is, is the 3,200 meter relay.

So, four guys are running 800 meters. So that’s eight total laps, two laps each. And I was the anchor guy. So this is conference championships, so instead of a dual meet where there’s just two teams, there’s, you know, eight or ten teams there, kinda creating a crowd, and we had a really good relay team. McDwire, Bill Coach, and Matt Pyanth, but for some reason that day, in Kenston, their team actually was in the state championship the year before, so they were.

They gave the baton to Casey, probably he was at least 30 or 40 meters ahead of me. Well, 25 to 30 meters, I’d say, ahead of me, and I’m like, oh my gosh, you know? This is the best guy, he’s already beaten me, and I gotta catch up. But I had purposely, literally, he kept coming up and hugging me, and I finally started shoving him away, ’cause we were pals, but Coach Podojil said, “don’t be nice to the guy,” so I wasn’t nice to the guy. And this is a team event, this is a relay, and I got it 30 meters behind, and I just, like okay, first lap, I’m gonna close the gap.

And I did, I closed it to about five, ten meters with a lap to go, and on the backside of that turn, so it’s about 300 meters to go, I passed him, and that was the other thing we planned. He’s like, “Don’t wait til the end to try to pass him. Pass him early, break his spirit.” And I’m like, okay, I’ll try. And I caught up to him, and I passed him, and he literally fought me for two steps, and then let me go.

And I increased the lead and I won by ten or 20 meters by the time I got around the other side, and it was like, okay. I did it, I was just pumped. And then we had the, kind of the head-to-head race, the 800 meter championship, and that was probably an hour later, somewhere in there.

But when I got done with that race, I had caught him from behind, and completely changed my mindset. I actually… I didn’t even like, it wasn’t being cocky or anything, but I just did not even, you know, I warmed up, of course, but there was not this nervous warmup. It was kind of like, I know I’m gonna win. If I could catch him from behind in that relay, I know I’m gonna win, and even more importantly, he knows I caught him from behind and passed him and increased the lead, so I probably beat him total for that whole race 50 meters, 60 meters.

And the mindset completely changed. I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t worried about whether my shoes aren’t tied right, I’m like, I know I’m gonna win this thing. I know I am capable of beating him head-to-head, because I caught him from behind. And that’s my message today, is that’s the same in everything.

And the first point of this is, had I not run that relay race, and I was just gonna run the 800 head-to-head with him, I would have been nervous all day, and, who knows if I’d have won? Because in my head, I wasn’t sure I could. But because I ran that other race, that extra race, and I was always in that relay, and caught him from behind on the anchor leg, there was just no doubt in my mind I could do it.

And that’s what I tell people all the time about writing a draft, or even writing a book. It’s, you know, you gotta get one out there just to see what you’ve got. It’s almost more important to get it out there imperfectly, and build that confidence in yourself, than, you know, most people I see are trying to get it perfect in their heads before they get it on paper, or they get it on paper, they’re trying to get it perfect here, before they put it out, and man, you can’t even figure out what you’re capable of until you put something out there.

And you gotta do it imperfectly. This is the biggest thing. And it never goes away, by the way. I struggle with it, it’s like, oh my God, can I do a perfect podcast, or can I do, I gotta script this out. If you saw my desk here, I’ve got just, you know, just, notes all over the place. But the whole point is, just get on there and do it. Get your book done, get your course done, get yourself on video, write that blog.

Whatever it is, you gotta get it done, and in order to believe in yourself, you gotta do more of it. I always use this analogy, but you can’t go out and swing a golf club and hit a perfect shot the first time out. You gotta go out and shoot some shots. But I just, to me, that story embodies this whole idea of getting belief on your side. Most of us are way capable of doing anything we wanna do, but it’s our belief that holds us back. And one of the ways that you can counter that is actually performing and trying and making an effort, and realizing, it’s never gonna be perfect.

This podcast is my second episode, and video and all that, I’m simulcasting, if you will, but I record the video for YouTube’s show, and then I’m gonna use it for my podcast, and, look, I know this episode’s good, I’m gonna look back and be like, oh my God, that sucked. I do that.

If I look back at my first book, it’s like, oh, what was I thinking? And there’s a quote, a couple people said or somebody, but you know, like, if you’re not embarrassed about what you were doing a year ago, you’re not trying hard enough. Well, probably, there’s some things I did a month ago that I’m like, what the heck was I thinking?

That’s because I’m progressing, and that’s all because of belief that I can do it. So every step you take creates belief, and that belief helps you take that next step. So you’ve gotta take that first step.

So that’s my short message for today. Thanks for joining me on the Revolution here, and tomorrow, I’m gonna tell you a little bit about the USA Today bestseller campaign we’re running. So the book’s called Author Inc. I’ve got 30 authors, I’ve got some high-powered people, I got a couple people I’m still recruiting.

High-powered, I don’t know what that means. High, they’re high on my list of cool people that I’d love to work with. My dream 100, if you will. So I’m dreaming a few people. We’ll see how that works out, I’ll let you know. But that’s coming out October 15th, but we’re already well underway of planning it, and I don’t usually do books this far ahead.

The Snowball Book Launch I launched well in advance, three months out. We’re putting this out June 15th on iBooks, and then Amazon will come 90 days out, so July 15th. It’s super cool to plan, I basically went out and, I don’t wanna say stalked Adam Hogue, but I went out and got him to be on board, so he’s on board, and he’s actually quarterbacking and he’s helping me architect everything, so, super cool, we’re gonna talk about that tomorrow.

I got some other stuff, we’ll talk about the new version of Bestseller University is coming out, I’ve been working on that webinar, and this is a welcome break of doing the podcast, but I’m gonna be back to that webinar next. And that is gonna be awesome.

That is… got so much more stuff in it than when I started it two years ago, and that’s another thing. Bestseller University, man there was no way I was ready, I could’ve procrastinated another year or two on that. But two years ago, in this month, right around now, I launched Bestseller University, the first edition.

Couldn’t be doing the one I am today with all the higher value stuff in there, all the stuff I’ve learned within the last two years is now crammed in there, and I’ve made it easier to use, and that would not happen if I didn’t believe I could produce a quality product by having produced that first one two years ago.

So believe it! You can do it! I know you can do it. And thanks for joining us, and talk to you soon.

USA Today Bestseller Campaign (And How You Can Do It)

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey, Ray Brehm here. I told you I would talk to you a little about the USA Today Bestseller, how to become a USA Today Bestseller. And one of the things that the people that are hitting the big list, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, when they’re hitting them solo, there’s a couple main reasons.

One, they’re main stream. There the John Grishams’, all those type of people that just expect it to, but they still have their own audiences that buy a lot of those books. The other guys that do it, they’ve built their own audiences on other platforms. So, through their podcasts, through their videos online or so forth, they’ve built these huge audiences that buy their books, and every time they release a book it propels them up to those charts.

But for you and I, who are starting out, how do we get there? How do we get onto the Bestseller list? And one of the ways you do it is a Dream 100 Campaign. So I, for the book I have coming out it’s called Author Inc., and it’s about how entrepreneurs can use a book to actually build leads and sales.

Not just for the sake of getting royalties and so forth on Amazon and other platforms. And so, I’m bringing in other authors who have audiences as well, and as we share our audiences, and we do an anthology book where we each are contributing a chapter, we can create a much bigger audience for ourselves, and so that’s really cool.

Of course, there’s some other side of benefits to doing this. What I’ve found is, I’m building it now and I’m about in month four of building it, and we’ve got about five months to go. It solves a lot of the problems. The whole campaign itself serves a much bigger purpose than getting a book or a title on USA Today as a USA Today Best Seller.

One, it increses your audience tremendously because, think about it. I’ve got about thirty authors on this book, and we are all going to be sending our list to a page to get people to buy the book on pre-order status and also get some cool, just unbelievable bonuses. And so they’re buying a ninety-nine cent book and then they’re going to get, you know, two or three hundred dollars worth of training from just some top people.

So it’s really cool but that helps all of our list because, everybody on every list is gonna see the opt-ins, the bonuses, the freebies from everybody else that’s on the book so, every author gets a chance to exponentially grow their book. That’s probably the number one thing you could do, right?

The other thing it does, is if you follow any Dream 100 stuff, so Russell Brunson talks about it a lot. David Derricks, he’s the king of Dream 100. He’s got a book about it. It is to build alliances with people can help you sell your products, and in this case I’m actually Dream 100’ing people, get them on the books, so I’ve gone out and I’ve been recruiting some people. Some people I don’t even really know more than saying “Hi”. Some people I’ve never met before, but I want to.

And, we’ve got a lot of just really high level talent on this book. Me brining it together has helped build my credibility with other people on the book. It’s going to help all of us build our lists. The other people that are on the book, you could call it different tiers, but there’s some people that are A-Lister types, and they’re going to get exposed to some B-Listers and C-Listers, and so everybody’s benefiting from this. And that’s kind of the Dream 100 side.

The list building side is another thing. And then we’ve got everyone as people opt into these lists and say “Yeah, I want that bonus, I’m gonna go grab it”, People are just really getting into the funnels of all the authors and getting to the products that they’re really interested in. So, it’s just a great way to build an audience.

So that’s one of the other key aspects of it, and then of course the sales that I just mentioned. So really, you’re Dream 100’ing you’re building an audience, and you’re potentially creasing sales to your own funnel. And then you get the bonus of, if you qualify, of USA Today Bestseller and, or Wall Street Journal Bestseller. So those are the two we’re targeting.

Really the key to what we’re doing here is for USA Today, a Neilson Bookscan will count the number of books during the one week, so we’re targeting the week of its release, and it will only count books if there’s two audiences, or two platforms that they’re bought on, so can’t be just Amazon, and it’s got to be Amazon, something else.

In this case we’re doing iBooks, so, Apple, which may be tougher. We gotta get at least five-hundred books sold on Apple, and then we can get all the rest, we can push all the rest to Amazon. So that’ll be pretty cool when we get that done. We’re planning to get it done.

So really if you think about it, it’s somewhat complicated because we’re launching three campaigns. We’re doing a Dream 100 Campaign where I’m trying to get some A-Listers on the book. We are doing an Apple campaign where we gotta try to get five-hundred books, so we’re gonna start that sooner than the Amazon. And then, we’ve got an Amazon campaign where we’ve got to get probably in the neighborhood of six-thousand sales. We’re saying five-hundred sales on Apple, and then six-thousand on Amazon.

So, that’s the plan, and we’ve started about nine months out. I’ve got Adam Houge working with me on it, and he’s writing a chapter himself, and that is just pretty cool. So we are right in the middle of it. I’m about two and a half weeks away from releasing it on Apple, and working on those five-hundred sales and then, we will release it on Amazon, so, that’s the plan.

I just wanted to kind of give you a heads-up on how that all works. I’ll do a more detailed podcast on it later, but that’s what I got going right now..

We are in the midst of changing from spring to summer here in Phoenix, and its been a cool May. Normally It’s a lot hotter, and we are now just about into June and it’s just starting to heat up.

And that’s where the launch is, or it’s just starting to heat up on the launch. So, listen, if you’re ever thinking about trying to get that next title, because, look, publishing books awesome credibility. The next tier up is Amazon, and then about five more tiers up, you get that USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller.

It really kind of cuts you above the rest of all the Amazon Bestsellers and if you ever wanna talk about that, I’m gonna have some kind of formal program available, coming soon, but you can always grab a coaching spot with me, and we walk you through it.

I think I’m not advertising it anywhere else, but, you can always do that with me. I think it is ninety-seven bucks, or something, but you can just ping me for that. And then if you want a full campaign, coached through a full campaign, there’s some ways to do that.

Anyway, the main point is what’s your next step, and my next step? USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and once we get there it’s going to open up a lot of avenues for us, all the authors on this book.

Thanks for joining me today in this audio only version of the podcast, and I will talk to you soon.

Do I Need a Book For My Business?

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey, superstar!

I am going to talk to you about a myth that’s out there. Drives me nuts. The myth is that business person doesn’t need a book right now and they can build credibility without it, and in fact, a few people in my world I look up to, they’re my mentors, they’re telling people, “No, you don’t need a book, go do this first.” And I’m like, “What are you talking about?”

And let’s get right to it and talk about it. This idea that I don’t need a book right now and I can build credibility and a business without it. And some people think that, right? “No, I don’t need the book yet”. “Other things are more important.” But let me show you something.

The first thing I want to show you is what I call the Yellow Pages Effect. If you recall in the old days, if you ran into somebody at the supermarket or something and they gave you their card and said, “Hey, I can build your fence for you.” You would go check in the yellow pages, and you would see if they actually had a business listed in the yellow pages. If they didn’t, they weren’t a legit business. Right? That was the way that you found out if they were actually legit. So, you’re like, “Well, I’m not probably going to have them come over to my house and dig a hole and put in a fence” or whatever it is.

The next phase of that was when we got websites out. So when websites became mainstream, you would go out and check a business and see if they actually had a website just to see if they were legit because a lot of people are running around and giving out business cards, and they didn’t even have website and you’re like, “Well, how are you a real business?”

Now, I get it. People can create websites and look like real businesses, and they’re not. That’s true. But the one way to prove they aren’t a legit business is if they don’t have a website or they’ve got this joe@wordpress.com website or their email is aol or something. It’s like, “What?!” “Get a real business”.

So, those are the ways we’ve used historically to determine if somebody is a legitimate business person, but when you’re going into branding yourself and you’re the entrepreneur and your name is part of the brand, it becomes even more important that you have a book out there. And I think we’re already there, but if not, it’s coming very soon when people will go out and check and see if you’ve got a book to make sure you’re a legitimate person to do business with, that they should hire you to do work.

And what’s funny is I see a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of my friends even, that don’t have books, and they rate the people that they look up to whether they have a book or not, and they’re buying their books first, and they’re learning about that person and they’re connecting with them through this book. That’s called pre-framing. Basically somebody reads your book, and then they actually feel like they already know you.

Well, I can tell you. I have high ticket consulting prices, and people are paying that without even speaking to me on the phone, which is crazy. I thought that would never happen! But it’s because they’ve read enough of my books. They’re like, “Ah, I feel like I know this guy,” and they call me. They talk like we’re old pals. It’s a way to get connection and pre-frame people so that they’re more willing to work with you.

I think pretty soon it’s going to be mandatory that you have a book so that you see past the yellow pages effect or test when people are looking at what you have to offer. If you look at the top thought leaders out there. Brendon Burchard, multiple books, Russell Brunson, multiple books. Mel Robbins, Amy Porterfield, they’ve all got books. You know why? And that’s why they’re on the top tier because they’ve got books that a lot of the time that’s the first entry point into their business for a lot of people is through books.

Russell Brunson, when he released Expert Secrets he talks about how with that second book, his business continued to grow exponentially, and he thinks it’s one of the most powerful business tools out there. He’s got all kinds of book funnels running, and that book is kind of a low hanging fruit, a low risk way for people to give him a little money, check him out and see if they like him and get into his world and learn to trust him and see if what he’s saying is good information.

So that’s one of the reasons we do that. If you want to be an expert, you need to have a book. A book is a modern day business card, and it may be one of the first things people check out about you. And here’s the thing that gets me. People think, well, I need to get a lot of expertise first, then I’ll write a book. And really, the book is what shows you have expertise and gives you expertise in your area of knowledge. So, it’s not the other way around. You don’t have to wait until someone gives you permission when you hit some phantom number of level of expertise.

A book also will build your list, audience, and network. I’ve found the best affiliate partners and business partners just by connecting with them through either writing the books or being in together working on the books or sending them a book. Also, like I mentioned with Russell Brunson, ascends clients through your value letter. So, it’s a low cost entry point to you, and it’s automatic. Right?

So, you don’t have to get on the phone with anybody. They can read your book and determine whether they like you or not, and by the time they end up talking to you, you’ve got a much bigger head start on your relationship with that person.

I’ll give you another example, The Author Startup. This created instant credibility for me, and I really literally built my list my entire first year just through the book, through my opt-ins inside the book, and that was before I was ready to deliver anything else. It was just teaching people what I had learned about writing a book quickly.

And then I turned it into a light masterclass. I had clients reaching out to me without ever talking to me, just saying, “Hey, can I pay you to help me?” So, it’s much more important than most people think. And one of the things that other people think is, “Well, I need to wait until the end of my life and write a book about my whole life and my memoirs.” Or “I need to wait until my course is finished “or “my business is well under way.” And the truth is you need a book to start being recognized as the expert you are right now.

Your expertise doesn’t do anyone any good if they don’t know you have it. You know, if a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it? No. You’ve got to show people, and you can massively expand your exposure by just having a book available on Amazon. And no matter where you are in your business here, just starting out, if you’re a seasoned pro, you know list building is critical, and the book starts the clock on that now.

So, you could be developing your course for eight months, but if you have a book out there, you’re building that list to deliver that course to in eight months instead of waiting eight months and saying, “I need to build a list.” You should always be building a list, and one of the very vest ways to do that is have a book because the people that are reading a book on your topic are high value leads. And the sooner you start making sales, the more of a mentor you create.

So, you could start selling a book, you could start selling a mini-course, and you could be testing different pieces of your course on the backside of that book. So, there’s so many things that you should be doing and using a book to do, and you should be doing it right now.

Now, here’s the other thing. Writing a book is not that hard. I’ve got a 5-day Free Book Challenge where I help people get the outline done. I’ve got a Book Draft Bootcamp wher we try to get everybody’s draft done within 26 days, but even if it takes a little longer than that, you could have something done in…Draw your line in the sand, start collecting leads, start building credibility with your book right away. Don’t fall for the myth that you don’t need it right now. You do need it right now, and it’s not that hard to do. Hope that helped you! Talk to you soon!

Am I Qualified to Write a Book?

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey superstar! I want to dispel a myth that we all have and we all deal with this myth everyday, it’s regarding writing a book.

And even if you’ve written one book it happens on the next book, it happens on the next one, it happens to me when I’m tired in the morning. And it’s this myth that I don’t have the experience or expertise, the fame, or even the time to write a book. And, that’s just plain not true.

Many people think that you need to wait until you are into your life to write a book, or get some kind of publisher’s blessing, or some industry expert’s blessing, or some professional organization’s blessing, to write a book, or “I can’t write a book until I’ve proven myself as an expert and I’m famous”.

Some of the other things around time are: “well, it’s gonna take me a long time to do”, “it needs to be thick, this real thick book”, and “I don’t have enough to say.” Well, let me share a quick story with you.

These guys didn’t say that, didn’t wait that, and if they thought it, they pushed through it because they, for instance Russell Brunson, he really got himself on the map. Of course he had Click Funnels and he had some fame, but his book brought him out to just millions of more people, and it integrated him with millions of more affiliates and business partners and so forth, so, it brought him closer to a lot of people.

And of course the book helped so many people. That thing is like the Bible, I use it all the time. Brendon Burchard, same way, he started writing books. He was writing books before he became ultramega famous. Mel Robbins, same thing, it’s not the other way around. If you’ve got something to share, you’re an expert in it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

My background with this is that in between I’d written Author Your Success, and then my second book was The Author Startup, and I thought I might give up. And this is based on the time it took to get Author Your Success done. I needed a faster system to write or I would lose my dream of writing a lot of books and helping a lot of people.

So, I went out and I developed a system for myself, to quickly get books out there, and now I’ve branched that into a lot of different areas. But, for instance I call it the Bookplan System, and that takes me from idea to published in 26 days.

The Author Startup took me 26 days to get done, because I used a simpler system and yet it is more organized for everyone who’s reading the book. It’s a much more thorough outline, and the way I delivered the book.

So, that book, even though it’s the same topic, self-publishing, it outsold the first book by 15 times, it was a bestseller for 4 months, it was shorter and better, and the people were leaving great reviews because they liked the fact that it got right to the point and gave them a lot of information, and, I didn’t ask for anyone’s permission.

And there’s always gonna be somebody that says you don’t have the expertise, all these trolls out there. And there’s the ones who don’t, because I’ve never had anybody who was valid, that had actual expertise, criticize me. They’re too busy helping people. These trolls that are out there doing it, they have nothing better to do, we don’t need to listen to them. Don’t ask for permission.

So I needed a system that would be efficient or I wouldn’t get it done. And, one of the things is, you don’t have to sit and write. Great story tellers and teachers don’t always have the attention span to sit down and do that. You can dictate your book, and that’s why this Bookplan System I use, I actually create a strong outline very quickly, and then we dictate the book, and it makes it so much easier, but it also makes it a lot clearer to understand and to read.

Now, some entrepreneurs might also think, well, “I don’t have the time to do that and learn everything.” Well, guess what? Frank Kern, and this book Convert, and now it’s Convert 2.0, but his Convert book, he wrote that thing in just a few hours. And he’s got a simple system for that, and I’m gonna share that with you later on, but the point is, he sold 50,000 copies of his book and he never typed a single word, and he got it done in a few hours and then turned it over to an editor, and someone else put it into a format, and then he just had to sell it.

So it can be done quickly, and this book, it’s great, it’s a great book. It’s one of the first things that I bought, to get into his world. And that’s why you need a book people, right?

So, here’s another one: James Altucher – Choose Yourself. This was written completely from blogs he had already written on these topics of basically self-help. And here’s the thing, he didn’t get permission from the powers that be in the self-help guru association to write a book, he had no historical experience in self-help, but he actually went out and just took his blogs that had great advice, information, experiences he had, and put it into a book.

And the book made a huge impact, it put him on the map of thought leaders that are helping people change and pick different paths in their life. And what’s really interesting is at the end of each chapter you’ll see “okay, that’s all for this week.” He didn’t even bother taking out the blog stuff, and that might annoy some people but it really doesn’t annoy the people that are important to you, because the people who are reading in between lines and getting the good content from his blog posts, are out there.

And you’ll see some people on it writing “this is just a bunch of his blogs.” Well so what? Is it good information or not? There’s always gonna be somebody critiquing you, and “yeah oh, you can get it for free if we go read his blog” Yeah, it’s not all in one book, bound and cool. So, this is a great way to do it.

Both methods Frank Kern, James Altucher, are methods that I share in my seven book-writing hacks for entrepreneurs, miniclass, masterclass, whatever you call it. We’ve got a book on that too, but these are ways you can get stuff done very quickly, so it doesn’t have to take you a long time to do it.

So the truth is, you are more than qualified to write a book. You need to do it now, I keep saying that. I’m gonna pound the table until you do. But, there are modern methods you can use to make it easy to complete, without wasting lots of time, and without learning new tools and all kinds of other weird stuff. Man, you can just go get it done and it’s as easy as having a conversation with yourself or someone else.So, that’s the myth, you’re qualified, it’s not gonna take you a long time. So I look forward to getting your book done. Talk to you soon.

Can a Book Really Make Me Money?

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey superstar!

I wanted to spell this myth #3 about Writing a Book. And this is one when you’ve actually got the book done. So you got over those pair, if you looked at myths #1 and #2 that I’ve talked about, myth #3 is once you’ve got a book done here, it is you get bestseller, and can make money on autopilot.

Myth #3 the exact title is, when I write a book the book makes me money on autopilot. And then what happens here? My book is a bestseller, but hey, where’s the beef? Where’s all the money? Well, let me explain what happens.

Most book sales are made on Amazon anyway, at 99 cents. At 99 cents, your royalty is 35% which gives you 35 cents a book. So to make $1000 in a month you would need to sell 2858 copies after your advertising costs. So whatever your costs were, you would have to add some more copies. But let’s just say you had zero advertising costs. You still had to sell 2858 books.

Most books only ever sell less than 200 copies. That’s a typo, the dollar sign, but anyway that’s still making my point for me. It’ll sell less than 200 copies and most of the courses out there and people are trying to teach you to sell more copies, which is a lesson in futility. Now resistance is futile, right? From the old Star Wars stuff.

The truth is, royalties are going to fall off after the initial surge. Yes you can play the algorithm, and you should, and you should build that up, if you launch it the right way the algorithm should stay intact for you, and even though it’s going to come down a little it should still send you a lot of books.

But you gotta sell, people aren’t selling 2858 books. Most of the authors you’ve heard of aren’t doing that. Just a few that are really in the top tier. So you’re advertising a royalty system, that’s just part of the plan. It’s not the endgame. The real money from a book is in building a list, your own list, and as an intro to your other products and services.

Now if you take a look, guess what? Most of the people entering Brendon Burchard’s life, and he mentioned it back in December, were people that read his books. But guess what he’s got for them waiting on the other side? Once they read his books they get exposed to Experts Academy, high performance academy, high performance coaching, all you know, the total business blueprint.

All his courses come, and most of them come into the world either through his social media and so forth, or through books. Like you can listen to somebody on social media but if you really want to know if they’ve got something to teach, you can read a book and just feel comfortable with them, well that’s what happens. But he’s not relying on that book income, he’s relying, his by far, his money-makers are these courses and his live events, and his coaching and so forth.

So that’s that. Same with Amy Porterfield, here’s a couple of her things. She’s got a ton of stuff too, right? Courses that convert, a list-builders lab. So these are a couple of courses that are just on the back end of her books. And this is where the money’s at.

Some people also think, “Well I don’t have a full product,” or, “I can’t do the tech stuff.” Well the cool thing is, you can get a book funnel up and running using somebody else’s template with the click of a button using Click Funnels or Card Sure or something like that. There’s processes you can follow to get it done, or you can even outsource it inexpensively with people. There’s these funnel fix-it guys I’m using for funnels, they’re unbelievably inexpensive.

So it’s much easier to make money with your back end products than chasing pennies trying to maximize your royalties. Yet that’s what I see like you know, you get 1% of the people out there that even actually write a book. And then of that 1%, like 99% of that 1% is sitting there chasing royalties when you could just make a switch in mindset and say, make 10 to 15 times as much right off the bat by just selling a $47 course on the back end of your book.

So this should be part of your master plan, I hope you think of it that way, and I’m going to give you some answers for it in Bestseller University coming out in the 2019 edition. You’re going to have some great stuff in there. We are going to be the only course, it’s going to be world-class, only course during the launch that has a plan for you, you know, getting to bestseller is like only halfway through, or two-thirds of the way through, right?

And then it’s turning it into an engine of your business so I hope that helps, and dispels the myth that you’re going to get rich on royalties. You’re going to get rich on your knowledge, helping others with your courses and your back end products, your coaching, whatever it is.

Hope that helps, talk to you soon.

Get To The Point With a Bookfunnel

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey, Ray Brehm here! Bestseller Revolution!

I just got finished with a Frank Kern Mastermind event on Traffic, and as you can see, if you’re watching this on video, behind me here, I’ve got the Atlantic here, right off of Miami Beach, North Beach area.

We just had the event, I’m spending a couple extra days with the family here, and I want to tell you what is hot off the presses. Nothing new if you’ve been listening to my podcasts, or what I’ve been talking about, but what I, they, stress, and the whole event was done by Hernan Vazquez, he is the head lead buyer for Frank Kern’s agency, his Facebook agency.

He basically said, in no uncertain terms, that the only funnels he would start are a book funnel and a webinar funnel. I have been pounding the table about book funnels for a while now, but literally he said, they’re not spending any time with, they’re advising their clients to just either sell something right away, and it’s either my free webinar, where the opt-in is to get access to the webinar, or it can be an on-demand class, or a book funnel, where you’re selling a book for free plus shipping, and then they jump into a funnel and you’ve got order bumps and things like that.

So those are the things we’ve been talking about, and if you listened to my last podcast, myth number three about making royalties for your book, this falls exactly into line with that. We have got to expand our ideas, and I just saw, I just got another email about running Amazon ads and so forth.

Pleasantly, Nick Stephenson was the one that sent the email. He was talking about Amazon ads and so forth, but he was also saying look, you’ve gotta grow your own platform, you’ve gotta, cannot rely on Amazon for your sales, for your well-being. You shouldn’t be relying on anybody else, of course, but there’s a lot of, a heck of a lot of book buyers out there than you’re seeing on Amazon.

And then you’re competing with all those other little books, millions of books, so that’s the idea I wanna get through today, in today’s podcast, is just simply the fact that you’re gonna need a book funnel. The sooner, the better because the sooner you can start testing something, the better you can do.

One of the things I noticed about Hernan, and I was talking with some of my other Mastermind members, in this event, something I noticed about all the top guys is that they are constantly selling something, and their answer to everything is sell it, and tweak it.

So getting some kind of product done, getting some kind of book done, that is the key thing to do, and then you can just be tweaking your message, tweaking your sales copy, tweaking your landing pages. Everything else, but you should be selling, and that’s why I push most people that have either dabbled in writing a book, or have a book, to convert that into a book funnel.

One of the simplest ways is, if you’ve got a course already, it’s easy, you can back-convert that. So I discuss all, I’ve got seven book-writing hacks that I use to create books quickly and of high quality. You can find that at the link in this post, where you go, check out seven book-writing hacks.

The key here is, you’ve gotta get something done, and if you’ve got a course, you can move that back and forth, if you’ve got a blog, you’ve probably got a book written already. There’s multiple things like this that you already probably have written your book, if you haven’t already. If you have written a book, we need to take that, and turn it into a funnel, as soon as possible.

That’s a short message today, but I want you to think about it, check out the links in this post, go read about the seven book-writing hacks. I have those only available through in one web page, you can check it out there. Get that done, and I look forward to seeing your book out there, and I look forward, more forward, to seeing your book funnel out there.

Will You Be Ready When The Train Arrives?

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey revolutionaries! Ray Brehm here! Bestseller Revolution!

I am still in Miami at the time of this recording, so if you listened to the last podcast, I am still here and I am just enjoying myself with some sandbars, way out in the water we’ve hiked out to, basically, me and the family.

I want to talk to you today about something pretty inspirational to me, it was the assistant coach in my college track, soccer team I should say, Doctor James Courans, he used to have a quote on his door, I wish I could remember it, I know wrote it down somewhere. Back in the day, we didn’t even have phones for snapshottin’ stuff from people’s doors, I had to basically take a piece of paper and hand write it. I’ve got it in a box somewhere.

But I know the gist of it, and you probably know this story too and if you do, put something in the comments, tell me about it, but it was basically a long quote by somebody famous and it talked about, the train is coming to the station, you’re getting prepared, and what a sad thing would be if your opportunity came and you were not prepared to take advantage of it.

And really, the idea is, every step, every trial, every error, prepares you for that moment. So every time you take a step towards that moment, you’re getting prepared to take advantage of the time that opportunity’s gonna show itself to you. And in that exact moment itself, you may or may not succeed, but it moves you closer and closer to that moment and that’s what we wanna do in our lives is just keep preparing for that moment where we’re actually gonna be able to take advantage of our preparation.

And if you look at all these, the lottery purchasers, lottery ticket purchasers, so for that, I mean, they’re just like, kinda, let’s buy it and hope our number hits, well the idea is not just hope and pray, it’s actually preparing yourself for that ideal client that comes along and then, let’s say an ideal client came along tomorrow, Would you be ready? Are you ready for that client? Have you worked with other clients that make you feel confident to work with this ideal client, this high level client? And so forth.

For me, what happened was, fortunately, I was just pushing forward, and I didn’t really know what my goal was, but my very first client came and asides from not being ready, I didn’t have a price for my services, I knew I could do what they needed me to do, so I was saved there ’cause I had done enough of my homework, I had tried enough stuff, I had done enough work launching a book.

But somebody came to me and wanted to launch a book and wanted me to do it for him, and at that point I was like, I had that little twinge where, I’m not quite ready, I should just turn him down, and it was like, no, I gotta start this now.

And I’ll tell you about that in tomorrow’s episode, that first client was Jeff Yalden, and the idea is, had I not been doing every other little thing that seemed insignificant at the time to get to that point, I wouldn’t have had the confidence, I wouldn’t have had even just the small notoriety I had at the time, that he would reach out to me to ask for me to do work for him, and I wouldn’t have had just the overall preparedness for that train pulling into the station.

So, if somebody was looking for an expert in your field and, you know, to speak or present or be a part of a mastermind, would you be ready? Can you answer that question to yourself? Would you be ready and if not, what can you do today to start making you ready? Because these opportunities, they can pass you by and wait a year for another one, doesn’t make any sense.

Most of the time, you just gotta get enough confidence and enough experience in yourself that you take a chance on that when that opportunity comes, even if you don’t feel ready, because you are never gonna feel 100% ready.

I remember shakin’ in my boots saying, oh my gosh, should I, can I do this? And then I sat back and said, wait a second, what he’s asking me to do, I know how to do better than most people, it’s just that I’ve never, I don’t have a contract, I don’t have a price, and we just agreed to it over Facebook Messenger and I’ll tell you that whole story tomorrow because I’m gonna keep sneakin’ it away.

But one of the steps you can take, and I’m convinced of this, is you can get your book done and show your expertise so when someone comes along and says, I need somebody with these expertise, you say, yeah, that’s me, oh, I’ve got a book on it. And one of the ways to do that is go to mybookchallenge.com, that’s my Five Day Book Idea Challenge, it’s completely free, you can check that out.

If you’re ready to go to the next step you can go to BestSellerUniversity.co, those are some things you can do to get that preparedness up. Having a book out there not only shows somebody else your expertise, it gives you confidence in yourself to do that. And it’s one of the best ways to do it, that’s why I keep harping on it, I hope you take that to heart.Check out one of those tools, mybookchallenge.com or BestSellerUniversity.co, and as always, you can check out the Revolution Site, you’ll hear that in a minute on my outro and we will talk to you soon.

Podcast Guesting For Authors (Live Tomorrow for members)

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Hi Blog,

One of the best strategies for growth right now is what Derek Doepker calls Platform Leveraging.

When you embrace Platform Leveraging, it frees you from other less effective marketing tactics many authors waste their time with.

It is quite possibly the BEST ROI strategy for most non-fiction authors (even some fiction authors as well).

One of the ways to leverage other peoples’ platforms is to get on their podcasts.

So I asked Derek if he would teach a live class about reaching out and getting Podcast gigs to my Youru.tv members, and he agreed.


That class is live tomorrow for members only. (Wednesday March 3rd).

If you aren’t a member yet, or don’t know what Youru.tv is, you can check it out here (and join):

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Having a reason to reach out is a part of the equation, and for that I love reaching out and proposing you as a Podcast Guest.

I can’t wait for this private live class (members will also get lifetime access to the class in their Youru.tv portal).

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Youru.tv [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/WbeIjD6nHulF/DGoV] is my “course of the month club” where you get frameworks to apply to your book and business.

The main goal of Youru.tv [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/WbeIjD6nHulF/DGoV] is to get you started on your path, while protecting your time (and money). It is all based on quick start frameworks (that I use).

https://www.youru.tv/ [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/WbeIjD6nHulF/DGoV] (Think of Youru as _You the Guru_)

My First Client Came Before I Was Ready

by Ray Brehm

Welcome to the Bestseller Revolution Podcast.

Hey there Revolutionaries! Ray Brehm here! I am pumped to be here today!

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to talk to you about my first client. Well I guess my first real client just walked in the door. This is my son little Ray here. He did a book called Dreamtime at Stepping Stones. He didn’t really pay me , except with love so that really is a first client.

But, the first client that I mentioned to you yesterday, is Jeff Yalden, and this guy is a bonafide hero. He goes around speaking about teen suicide at High Schools all around the country. High Schools, Junior Highs. He’s the number one teen motivator in America.

And he just happened to be in a Mastermind Group with me. I had published about three books at the time, but I was really starting to figure out the system of Marketing and Launching a Book. He came to me and he just all of a sudden messaged me out of the blue, and I didn’t really talk to him, liked a few of his posts in one of our groups.

He just sent me a message says, “can I hire you to do my launch?” And I’m like, wow! And as I mentioned on yesterday’s podcast, that took me by surprise, and I was like eh, I’m not quite ready. You know I had this feeling, like I don’t even know what price to charge, I don’t have a contract, but what he was asking me to do I knew how to do. I, you know, I had nailed it.

In fact, I even was ready to try something new that was even more powerful. And that was trying to get him Bestseller during the pre-order period. And so I suggest we do that with him. But, first thing I did was just clarify what he was looking for.

So I said, you know, “you want me to coach you? or you want me to do it for you?” He was like, I just want you to do it for me. And I remember just messaging a couple of friends, and asking them, I don’t even know what price to charge here.

So, once I came up with a price I finally said well here’s what, I’ll do it for this price. And sent it over, and then there was like, crickets for like ten minutes. And I’m like, oh my gosh I’ve offended this guy, right? Because that’s what we are always afraid about. We are offending somebody because we are charging too high. It’s almost never the case, but except to ourselves that we worry about the value of charging for what we’re worth.

And so that was my big thing, and he came back to me and said, “let’s do it”. We got it done. We blew it out of the water. He has sold a ton of books. He’s gone on to do two or three more Bestsellers. And in fact he has learned it all on his own. And now he kind of launches himself. He’ll give me a quick call and say hey do I got all this right? And so forth but, the key, and you know what is really cool? We’ve become tight friends, after that we have become good friends, and he is doing a lot of great work out there.

So, I’m really excited about that first client. And had I not done enough, just enough to feel confident enough to respond to him, you know that would have never happened. I probably would have delayed even helping anybody for six months. But after that, it was just a stream of unadvertised referrals to me for people to help in the same way. And they were like, “oh you helped Jeff, you can help me”.

“So, being ready for that first client is super important. Taking that first client is super important. And taking the chance on yourself, and charging for your real value is super important”.

So this stuff can happen for you if you get your book done, you get some expertise out there, you feel confident. And by the way, writing your book is neither just about you showing expertise to somebody else. It’s about you building your own confidence by doing the research, putting the book together, putting your thoughts together in the book. It’s super important for it, what you want to do in your life.

So I hope that helps. We will see you in the next episode. Talk to you soon.

Do you suffer from FORO?

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Hi Blog,

You have probably heard of the acronym FOMO. It stands for the _Fear Of Missing Out. _

But do you suffer from FORO? I know I do.

It is a term I coined that stands for the _Fear Of Reaching Out._

By reaching out, I mean reaching out to others in your niche or field that you don’t really know…

…but would like to.

It is easy to tell someone else they should make connections, as in my case. But I still struggle with doing it myself.

We all feel that imposter syndrome come on strong when we are about to reach out and hit send.

One of my hero’s in this area is Derek Doepker. He is an expert in connecting with other experts.

So I asked him if he would teach a live class about reaching out and getting Podcast gigs to my Youru.tv members, and he agreed.

That class is live for members Wednesday (March 3rd).

If you aren’t a member yet, or don’t know what Youru.tv is, you can check it out here (and join):

Youru.tv Enrollment [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/cn52WhuERga4/DGoV]

Having a reason to reach out is a part of the equation, and for that I love reaching out and proposing you as a Podcast Guest.

I can’t wait for this private live class (members will also get lifetime access to the class in their Youru.tv portal).

_Leap. Love. Grow._


P.S. Youru.tv [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/UpQyPECeFilF/DGoV] is my “course of the month club” where you get frameworks to apply to your book and business.

The main goal of Youru.tv [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/UpQyPECeFilF/DGoV] is to get you started on your path, while protecting your time (and money). It is all based on quick start frameworks (that I use).

https://www.youru.tv/ [https://raybrehm.krtra.com/c/UpQyPECeFilF/DGoV] (Think of Youru as _You the Guru_)